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How to Install Xenon Lights on a Motorcycle

Xenon gas lights have xenon gas in them which burns much hotter then standard halogen gas lightbulbs. Xenon aftermarket lightbulbs are made for almost every vehicle on the market old and new. You can get these replacement bulbs at an auto parts store no matter what type of motorcycle model you own.

How to Replace Your Shoelaces With Zip Ties

Replace a broken shoelace with zip ties. Zip ties are small, easy to carry and they do not require any tools to install. They are perfect for many small repairs, including replacing broken or worn shoelaces. Use zip ties when it would be a problem if a shoelace became untied. They can fasten a child

How to Change an Auto Light Bulb

The average vehicle uses light bulbs in several applications, including headlights, turn signals, brake lights and tail lights. These lights are important features, allowing other motorists to see you and anticipate your intended direction, while also allowing you to see clearly at night. Replacing

How to Remove Rain X

Rain X is a popular product used to deflect raindrops from your windshield. Once applied, Rain X causes the water to sheet and roll off the windshield, increasing visibility during wet conditions. It lasts during regular car washes and heavy rains. Because Rain X creates a waterproof barrier on your

How to Identify a Boat Trailer

Just like everything that's built for boats, you might be able to find its make with a casual glance. Most builders are quite proud of their products and some splash their name on every available surface. If not, there are still several ways to track down a boat trailer's identification, along with

How to Locate the Fuse Box in a Corolla

A Toyota Corolla has numerous electronic components which require fuses to operate properly. Every now and then, a fuse will burn out or a short circuit may occur. When this happens you'll need to change the fuse. In order to change the fuse you have to locate the fuse box. A Toyota Corolla has two

How to Make an LED Light Tube

Make an LED light tube to brighten any occasion. This LED light tube will work from a wall socket and can also plug into a car's cigarette lighter. Use these tubes for parties, on car camp-outs, or for emergencies. Customize the color of the tube and even the length of the cord to fit your needs.

How to Hook Up a Tow Bar to a Chevy Camaro

As a Camaro owner, you enjoy taking your American muscle car out for a drive. You even like to travel out of town, maybe on vacation. Did you know you can hook up a tow bar to a Chevy Camaro for when you travel in an RV? RV owners utilize tow bars to tow auxiliary vehicles behind their motor home an

How to Seal Boat Trailer Lights

If your trailer lights get wet while you are launching a boat, you only have two options. The first, replacing the lighting system on the trailer, is obvious. Less obvious, but perhaps more practical, is waterproofing the light and light housing to prevent the problem's recurrence. Even if you put a

How to Change 99 Camaro Front Signal Lights

In the 1993 model year, Chevrolet completely redesigned the Camaro, giving it a wedge-like design. In 1998, Chevy refreshed the Camaro, eliminating the sunken headlights and making them almost flush with the rest of the front fascia. The rest of the Camaro's body remained almost the same, including

How to Change a Honda MAP Sensor

The Honda MAP sensor measures the amount of air flowing into the engine. In this way, the sensor is able to help the Honda ECU (central computer) adjust the fuel ratio for optimal fuel efficiency and power. When the sensor fails, it is common for most Hondas to simply stall, being unable to hold the

How to Install Brake Shoes on a 1991 Corolla

The 1991 Toyota Corolla is equipped with front-wheel disc brakes and rear-wheel drum brakes, with the exception of the GT-S which has four-wheel disc brakes. Rear wheel brakes account for approximately 30 percent of a vehicle's stopping power, so they need to be maintained less often. The rear brake

What to Look For From Your Auto Detailer

Auto detailing is one of those things that people think is easy to do. It isn't. In fact, a proper auto detail can add hundreds of dollars to the value of your vehicle. We're not talking a quick window clean and carpet vacuum, either. We're talking the whole package: interior shampoo,

How to Convert an R12 to the R134a System

Before 1995 most vehicles came with R12 refrigerant in the air-conditioning system. If your air conditioning is no longer cooling as well as it once did, then chances are you need to recharge the refrigerant in the system. Recharging an automobile air-conditioning system is rather simple, however, R

How to Choose Brake Pads

An effective braking system is one of the most crucial elements of a vehicle's safety performance. Brake pads are an integral component of that braking system. Replacing brake pads as required can mean the difference between a safe vehicle and a dangerous vehicle. Choosing the right brake pads depen