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Benefits of Yoga Nidra Meditation

Yoga Nidra is deep sleep. Many people mistakenly believe it's twilight sleep, that stage between awake and dreaming, but it's even deeper than that. It goes beyond the dreaming stage and into a state of conscious deep sleep. While that sounds like an oxymoron, it's not. It's the

Yoga Still Works

Yoga is not like other athletics. It is different from the gym, and in some nontangible way, different from everything else we do. The practice physically kicks your butt. Yet, it does something even more to your mind.

Insomnia and Meditation

The benefits of mediation have reached far and wide; and more people have been embracing the practice wholeheartedly from every corner of the world. In spite of this, meditation comes with one major challenge and that is keeping alert and focused as you continue to relax and loosen up. Most people h

Prayer Part 2-Take Authority

Learning how to pray, contining in this series of Prayer, learn how to speak to situation, command healing and act as if you receive.

Guided Meditation - Looking For a Remedy to Relieve Stress?

Guided meditation is a type of meditation that utilizes an audio recording with the objective of achieving a peaceful and tranquil state of mind. The goal of this form of meditation is to let the practitioner be led by the voice in the recording while he is in a comfortable sitting or lying position

Yoga, Patanjali Style - The Ahimsa Yama

The first Limb of Patanjali Yoga is the Yama limb, which consists of 5 Yamas, all focusing on practicing 'good behavior to others'. The Ahimsa Yama is the first Yama and translates to the 'Practice of nonviolence towards others in actions, words, feelings or thoughts.'

How to Do Meditation: Easy Ways To Meditate

If you've been wondering about how to do meditation then here are some ways that you can choose from. They are all easy ways to meditate and are definitely suitable for meditation beginners.

Yoga Mats Guide

There are many different products on the open market with a broad scale of yoga mats and soon, you will find that not all selections may appeal to you. The ease as well as comfort of your workout could be increased once purchasing the proper option.

Child's Pose - Balasana

Child's Pose - Balasana is a very important one to learn because it's your chance to take a rest in yoga class.

Free Yoga Tips

Yoga, as we all know is the practice of using postures and different breathing techniques as a form of meditation and exercise. The health benefits of practicing yoga regularly is unmatched by any other physical activity as it helps you relax, stretch, meditate, breathe at the same time.

Acne Scar Removing Remedies - Which One Is Right For You

Acne is one of the most prevalent pores and skin circumstances on the planet today. When an individual affected by extreme pimples finally will get it under control, with no outbreaks, it may nonetheless be troublesome to take care of due to the scarring that extreme acne leaves behind.