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What Is Your Personal Inflation Rate?

We have all heard inflation statistics being announced in the media or in business reports. The numbers you are hearing are average numbers for a region, like Canada or Ontario. Do these numbers really apply to you? The answer is yes and no. The numbers apply to you because they are used to determin

The Quickest Way to Get Money - The Bookmakers' Secret

Many will tell you that betting on the horses is a mugs game, but I'm here to tell you otherwise. There's a risk to betting on horses - or on anything - but then there's no gain without risk. There is a secret you should know, however, and it's the secret that keeps the bookmaker

Greed - What a Terrible Life it Must Cause

When greed takes over, losses take over. Getting past greed can be awfully hard. Why does greed rear it's ugly head when you are making money? How greed can grab you when you least expect it.

Well, Just How is Wealth Created?

Years ago, in the mid-seventies, a colleague invested $100 in a bank at 5% interest. At around the same time I invested $100 in a crashed motorcycle and broke it up and sold it off as used spares. Engine, gearbox, tires, clutch, handlebars, levers, gas tank, seat, front wheel, rear wheel and frame.

The First Step to Financial Freedom

It is said that you cannot become absolutely financially free unless you get out of the debt trap because debt is the main reason why most people never get on the road to financial independence in their lifetime. That is unless you do everything in your power to free yourself from the debt trap.

Three Steps to Easy Residual Income

Residual income or what is sometimes also referred to as passive income is money which is generated regularly from work an individual has done on just one occasion. Think of it as squeezing an orange and getting the juice out. But it gets better; you leave the orange somewhere and juice comes out on

Safe Option For a Secure Pension Plan

There are many ways to plan your finances for your retirement. For most of us we would really want to play safe and contribute as much of our earnings into a personal pension plan.

The "Making Money Quick" Wealth Secret Quiz

Wealth secrets act as a simile to doing what you love. When you want to know if you can get rich quick, don't scoff. Instant gratification is possible, but not unless you do what you love.

Beat the Recession, Think Outside of the Box!

With the recession affecting most of the Western World, people are looking for options to cope with this turn of events. At the moment it seems all doom and gloom, but maybe that is the shake up you needed to realize that 9-5 is maybe not the way for you, the traditional investments you where advise

Treasure Principle - Twice Lost

Here is a mistake that you do not want to repeat!There is a story in the Bible about a man who held tightly to his possessions - but in the end - he lost it all.Look at the Parable of The Rich Fool found in Luke, chapter 12.

Wealth Without Risk Author, Saen Higgins, Buys Home In Panama

Author, lecturer and tax sale expert, Saen Higgins purchased homes in Panama and Columbia.The Wealth without Risk author also owns a home in Sacramento, California. Real estate experts explain why the move south of the border makes sense.

How to put your money in gold bullion?

Buying gold bullion can be a complex procedure. People put their money at various places in a amount of ways including investing in real estate, shares and in gold. There are couple of things which ...

A Century Of Leadership - Good And Bad

Wealth Building's Tricky Today Due To Our "Progress" by Michael D. Hume, M.S. Maybe you think the performance of the U.S. government - and, as its most prominent representative, the president - doesn't have much ...

Earn Extra Cash This Summer Season

Things are warming up around most of the world with the arrival of summer. Schools' out, the beaches are crowded and there's so much you want to do, but you happen to be low on dough. So what does a person, in this case, you, do to rustle up some extra money to keep the summer time rolling

Achieve Anything With the Correct Mindset

If you go and study successful people you will realize, that they all have a very distinctive characteristic. They have a different mindset than other people that stands out amongst these people. Most of these people will also tell you that this mindset is the secret to success.