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How to Use Drop Off Bite Indicators

Attached to the fishing line at the pole, bite indicators are designed to help fishermen detect the lightest of hits. Drop-off style bite indicators are used primarily when predatory fish, such as pike, are feeling finicky. As the name suggests, drop-off bite indicators "drop-off" the fishing line w

Canadian Salmon Fishing Trips

Several fishing charters in Canada offer salmon fishing trips.heading out image by jscott from Fotolia.comSalmon live along the coasts of both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and have also been introduced to the Great Lakes in North America. They are born in freshwater, then migrate to...

How to Tie Snell Tyers

A snell knot is used to attach a line or leader to a fish hook. Many knots use only the line and are positioned above the hook eye. A snell knot is tied with the line around the shank of the hook and helps to improve the hook set ratio. Snell tying tools are available that aid in tying this knot tha

How to Respool a Fishing Line

Removing old fishing line and throwing it away is expensive–so many anglers respool the line and save it for future use. Modern fishing reels can store several hundred yards of fishing line. A fast, economical and efficient method is required to respool the line. Proper marking and storage of

How to Line Your Fishing Rod

Any fishing enthusiast will tell you that the single most important thing in fishing is to properly line your rod. Lining your rod incorrectly can lead to a number of problems, but most importantly it can mean the difference between catching and losing a fish. While the process may seem daunting to

Sturgeon Fishing in the UK

Sturgeon is a very popular game fish throughout much of Europe, North America and parts of Asia. Its eggs are prized for their use in caviar. The UK is currently not home to bountiful sturgeon populations.

How to Clean a Vexilar FL-8

The Vexilar FL-8 is a depth finder that possesses the capability of differentiating between --and locating -- large and small fish. This information is displayed on the unit's circular screen. This screen easily becomes dirty and spotty, especially if you take to the water on a frequent basis.

How to Store Fishing Line

When you decide to hang up your fishing gear for awhile, make sure you store your gear properly. Taking a few moments to properly store your rods and lines will save you some significant headaches the next time you go fishing. Cleaning and storing fly lines properly is particularly important because

Planer Board Fishing Methods

Dual board planer systems require towing masts, like the two shown here.evening troll image by jimagez from Fotolia.comA planer board is a flat, floating section of material some fishermen use while trolling--a fishing technique in which a baited line drags behind a slow-moving boat....

The Best Bluegill Fishing Lakes in Indiana

Indiana lakes, ponds and reservoirs provide plenty of bluegill fishing spots.Dunes on Lake Michigan shore NW INdiana image by Steve Johnson from Fotolia.comIndiana is home to 1,239 lakes, ponds and reservoirs, with the highest number of lakes occurring in Whitley, Vigo, Porter, Morgan,...

Supplies for Making Fishing Lures

Creating your own fishing lures can be a fun and rewarding hobby. The basic premise is simple: create something that a fish would want to eat and put a hook on it. But the materials that can be used in DIY lure-making are as diverse as the fish in the sea.

How to Spool a Reel With a Wire Line

Wire line is a specialty fishing line used by anglers primarily for probing deep lakes for species such as trout and for offshore medium-depth saltwater fishing. Wire line is typically found in the 30- to 40-pound test range and is constructed of stainless steel wire strands or Monel, a more durable

How to Keep a Spear Fishing Slip Tip on a Shaft

A slip tip spearhead allows you to place multiple spears into a fish without the shafts of previous spears interfering with the next shot. A slip tip will slide off of the spear shaft, leaving only the tip embedded in the fish. The tip is connected to a float line and buoy so the fish will tire out

How to Get Your Pokedex in "SoulSilver"

The Pokedex in "Pokemon SoulSilver" is an index of all Pokemon in the Johto and Kanto regions, where "Pokemon SoulSilver" takes place. When you first receive the Pokedex, it contains no entries. Your task, as Professor Oak explains in the game, is to gather data on different Pokemon to fill the Poke

How to Make a Wind Chime Out of a Cowbell

Cowbells can be used for a variety of craft projects, and are particularly useful for making wind chimes. Traditionally, cowbells were used to keep track of the location of cows, or other farm animals, on a large property. With the increase in technology, they are not frequently needed for this purp

Fishing and Hunting: Two Majorly Loved Hobbies

Fishing and hunting are the two major activities that people loved pastime loves. These sports are admired worldwide. Both fishing and hunting had been explored, practiced and enjoyed since ancient times. In the early days ...

How to Sharpen a Fishing Hook

A fishing hook is the most important piece of equipment in an angler's arsenal. Without it, the rod, reel, bait and the best line in the world are all useless. Equally useless is a dull hook, which results in missed strikes and lost fish. Don't let the local lake monster get away by spitting a dull

How to Set Up a Shakespeare Reel

Shakespeare Fishing manufactures a line of popular spinning reels for fresh and saltwater angling. The reels are noted for their casting accuracy, durability and ease of use. Setting up a Shakespeare involves spooling the reel with line, installing the handle and mounting the complete assembly on a