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An Extensive Landscaper with a Roady by a River

An Extensive Landscaper with a Roady by a River, 1655, by Philips Konnick.Part of The Grand Tour, a collection of priceless paintings set free around the streets of London by the National Gallery and Hewlett Packard in summer 2007.

Near Plaza Santa Ana

An image gallery of some of the sites of Granada, in Andalusia, Spain.

1745 Parlor

Geffrye Museum Christmas Past: Parlor in 1745

Tate Modern

Tate Modern Bankside London

The Best Places of Interest in Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentinacolours in la boca image by Gianpaolo Pagano M. from Fotolia.comArgentina is a vast country, containing a diversity of landscape from the glaciers of the icy South Atlantic to the tango clubs of cosmopolitan Buenos Aires. Nature lovers will find much to admire, such...

The Cheapest Hotels in Switzerland

Hotel lodging in Switzerland can be affordable.Schweiz Fahne 1 image by Fotoliaload from Fotolia.comKnown as a summer and winter sports paradise, Switzerland is a very attractive European travel destination. Switzerland is a mix of major European cultures, languages and lifestyles which...

How to Travel to St Petersburg Russia

The Russian city of St. Petersburg attracts many tourists hoping to learn about the city's history and architecture, as well those looking to visit the famed Hermitage art museum. Built under Tsar Peter the Great's specifications, the city is built on over 100 islands in Russia's Neva Delta and is o

Inflatable Slide

Covent Garden Great Christmas Pudding Race: Inflatable Slide