How to Camp With Kids in California

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The Pop Up 3 Man Tent

When it comes to setting up pop-up tents, most campers agree that they are the easiest of all to be erected. The framework is extremely flexible which is why the tent will simply pop up ...

D and W Campground, Champaign, Illinois

Photo of D and W Campground, Champaign, Illinois. This gallery features photos taken by campers of campground scenes, their campsite or cooking area, their RV or tent, or anything about their camping trip. All campers are welcome to submit their camping photos.

Cooking With a Camping Stove - All You Need to Know

Even though a camping stove will produce a steady and reliable heat source, you will find that you will need to adjust some of your cooking habits. While you may find that certain foods are not amenable to this type of cooking, you should still be able to prepare meals that are appetizing and nutrit

DIY Pop Up Tent

Pop-up tents are designed to unfold automatically when removed from their bag. Although helpful for backyard and car camping, pop-up tents are not a convenient shelter for backpacking trips, where hikers pack equipment into a backpack and hike through the woods to a remote camp site. The size of a

Black Forest Steamed Bread Pudding

A camping recipe from Bummer. Our last day of camping we wanted to celebrate with dessert. I just threw this together with what we had on hand. I used burger buns that were getting old, dark chocolate chips I had brought for s'mores, and the ginger and nutmeg because I had them and not cinnamon

5 Great Activities for a Motorhome Holiday in Australia

It is certainly a good idea to create an itinerary before you back your bags and leave for a motorhome holiday in Australia. You will have the opportunity to go to any place and to enjoy a huge range of activities. Some of the most popular options are presented here.

Canoe Or Kayak Camping

This is about some of the basics of river camping. The things and the skills you need to do a simple river trip.

Outdoor Fire Pit Rules

After a long day on the trail, nothing tastes better than a meal cooked on a wood or charcoal fire. Campfires have sparked the imaginations of singers and storytellers since the beginning of civilization, but when using an outdoor fire pit, safety must always be your first priority.

Where To Get The Software That Will Help You To Organize Camps

You've surely heard about Kate Gosselin and her children's visit to Alaska as a part of Palin's Alaska TV shows Sarah. If you've seen the episode, you should understand how difficult it is to make sure that everything is in place at a camp.

Big Agnes Tents: Are These the Ideal Tents for You?

Big Agnes tents are a solid and reliable buy if you want to get a proper tent you can use for a long time to come. This article poses three questions you should answer before choosing your ideal tent.

Outdoor Cookware For Your Backpacking Adventure - All You Need to Know

It is essential that a backpacker should have a really good set of cookware for their backpacking trips. As outdoor cooking presents its own problems, by not having a good set of cookware will compound the problem and make things worse. The cookware that is used for backpacking is very different to

Tips for Camping in Mussoorie

Be ready and have a contingency arrange for Family Camping in Mussoorie. where you've got ready a food item or have packed your inhabitation instrumentation embrace a backup for that item

Digital Compass Instructions

Digital compasses are becoming more widely used as they have been incorporated into a number of devices, such as car digital dash panels, iPhones and dive computers. The same principles as using a normal compass apply, such as taking a bearing. A digital compass has an added bonus in that it uses co

Pop Up Camping Tents - Shopping Tips

As you shop for pop up camping tents, you will want to keep a few things in mind to help you save both time and money. Consider how often you will be camping, in what environment you will camp, and how long each camping trip will last.

Cooking While Camping

While we were kids, my brother and I, had the opportunity of traveling around the countryside with our father and explore everything our home country had to offer to the three musketeers, which was our code name. Unfortunately, in most of these trips our mother was left behind as she had to work and