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A Professional Proper Golf Swing

An ideal way to start a game of golf is to start it with the proper golf swing. By doing so, you will get the ball to land in close proximity to the hole. Then it is a question of putting it. Technically speaking, the golf swing is nothing but applied physics. The movement of the club during the swi

Kingfish Tournament Billed as Largest in U.S.

The AT&T Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament, an SKA sanctioned event, is on slate each July. Billed as the largest fishing tournament in the U.S., it normally draws 900 to 1000 entries for the two day event.

Fascination for Movement Delivered by KaZam Balance Bike

Have you ever thought about how great it is that we have these devices which make us get to places? Just think about all those millions of years people had to walk or run everywhere before cleverly inventing the wheel.

Be a Winning Punter With These Football Tips

Football enjoys a huge following in the U.K. and avid followers who have developed a liking for football betting have discovered that there are a lot of choices when it comes to domestic games. Ever wondered how successful punters do it?

Preakness Central

The Preakness Stakes is the second jewel of the Triple Crown and held every year two weeks after the Kentucky Derby at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland. While it does not have as much prestige as the Derby, with a purse of $1 million guaranteed it is still a juicy prize for any horseman. H

New Book:Positive Aikido

The new bookPositive Aikido is a practical look at martial arts today with history - photos - ancedotes.

Some Different Bets You Can Make On The Melbourne Cup

Horse races are the most important races in Australia and Melbourne is the city where it all happens. Bets are the biggest business and 80% of the spectators bet on these races. Millions of dollars are spent on bets during the race time and the reasons are simple.

Is a Golf Training Program Worth the Price?

Everyone has a different body, a different set of strengths and weaknesses, skills and abilities, and what works for one person may not work for you. But, by choosing a program that suits you, you should be able to get something out of it.

Exercises to Jump Higher - 3 Ways to Increase Your Vertical

I was at a local high school basketball game and saw the most amazing dunk.The crowd of high school aged kids raised to their feet and roared with excitement.I couldn't hear the guy next me talking. When the crowd settled down enough that I could hear again, the man next me asked how it was tha

Misunderstanding of a Mixed Martial Artist

Traditional Martial Artists have long been recognised as disciplined individuals, carrying themselves in a manner built upon pride and dignity crafted in the dojo. This, for the most part is an accurate description. However, many ...

A Look At Chalkboard Erasers

It is simply not possible for one to have a chalkboard with complementing its usage with the chalkboard erasers. It would just not be easy to work with. The importance of this stationery item cannot ...

How to Fish for the Really Big Trout

Old Timers have a saying that "If you find the bait, you will find the fish." Pretty simple advice when you think about it - Watch for commotion by birds or water surface disturbances. Where ...