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How to Learn SAT Vocab Words Fast

Learning vocabulary words for the SAT does not have to be a dull and boring process. Achieving a higher verbal score does not require you to slave over a dictionary.

12th-Grade Games

High school seniors may consider themselves too old for games -- but the right kind of game will catch their attention and spark their imaginations. Cooperative vocabulary games, scavenger hunts and a high school version of the television show "Jeopardy" simultaneously keep teens in 12th g

How to Find International Scholarships

International studies can be challenging to undertake because of their high cost. However, international scholarships can help assuage money concerns involved with traveling to learn in another country and paying for room and board. The scholarships can be the pathway to a new experience in your stu

Math Activities in the Classroom

Although each child in the classroom must practice concepts taught in math class on their own in the form of homework, activities can be set up during the day for the participation of the entire class. Students who have the concept mastered will be able to help those who are having trouble. The stud

Eleonora Gonzaga by Titian

A portrait of Eleonora Gonzaga, daughter of Isabella d'Este, married to the Duke of Urbino, Francesco della Rovere

Teacher's Games for Girls

Teachers can choose games for girls that inform and entertain.little girl painting image by Wojciech Gajda from Fotolia.comTeachers often need creative games to entertain girls while in the classroom. Despite the age or grade, teachers often select games that not only entertain but also...

Signs of Broken Eyeglasses

Many people are reliant on their eyeglasses and breaking them can be a traumatic experience, especially if they are your only pair. Some signs of broken eyeglasses are subtle, while others are more obvious. The most important parts of a pair of eyeglasses are the lenses. According to Glasses USA, po

Twelve Questions Lead To Employment Success

College students make thousands of decisions during the college years. Many of those decisions are relatively small and unimportant. However, there are decisions that directly affect...


A picture of the marine reptile Thililua.

How to Find College Funds for Minorities

In some shape or form, every person falls into the minority category whether it be racial, sexual preference or even handicap. Don't worry, since statistically there are more scholarships than people. Also, by law, federal and state programs have to offer such opportunities because of an ever expand

Inducing Healthy Food Eating Habits In Your Child

When a toddler grabs his first finger food or table food, it’s a transition time for him from semi-sold to solid foods. A whole new world opens up for both the child and parents

What Children Need to Succeed in Mathematics

All children can succeed in mathematics. How do I know this? My empirical experience approaching thirty years tells me this is so. My intuition tells me this is so. You just need to know what to give your children, and more importantly, what not to give them.

Videographers - 8 Ways to Shoot Video Like a Pro

Just about everyone - at one time or another, has wanted to shoot some sort of video. Nothing brings out the camcorders more than family and holidays, therefore you never know who may be behind ...

Atlanta Technology Colleges

The state of Georgia has an extensive technical college system that includes over 34 such institutions throughout the state. Technical colleges provide not only higher education degrees but also advanced skills training, certifications and continuing adult education. The state's technical colleges p

How to Learn Phrasal Verbs Easily

Phrasal verbs are an integral part of the English language. Therefore, learning phrasal verbs is an essential step in understanding and speaking English better. Admittedly although many native English speakers frequently use them, phrasal verbs can be challenging to master. This is because the verbs

Choosing School Furniture For the Classroom

Although many people may consider school furniture to be somewhat of a trivial item, the fact of the matter is, choosing the right school furniture can actually make a large difference in the overall productivity of the classroom. That being said, however, there are very few general items that need

Scrimping On Cash: Are You Banking On A Free CSET Study Guide Online?

Scrimping On Cash: Is There A Free CSET Study Guide Online? You are looking for a free CSET study guide online to lessen your review expenses. Your co-teachers have money to purchase various study guides to pass the CSET test for California teacher credential.