9 Things to Jumpstart Success in Whatever You Do!

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As Christians Are We Hypocrites?

I was sitting in church last week listening to my pastor, and he made an interesting comment about Christians. What does the word Christian mean to you picture it in your mind? Then he asked if the word or picture of hypocrite was one of them.

The Damaging Effects Of Chronic Anger Outbursts

It seems as if anger is getting worse in our society. Road rage is on the increase, and violent behaviour and workplace harassment are becoming more common. Some people complain of chronic anger, wher

The Law of Attraction Checklist

Here is a little list for you to think about when working with the law of attraction. Use this list to make sure you are on track with where you need to be in order to attract and create what you want in your life.

Practical Ways to Manage Stress

Stress has become the most important root cause of diseases in our times. It harms our health, triggers diseases and makes life miserable in myriad ways. Stress in moderate doses is indispensable in our life, but too much of it is dangerous. Stress needs to be managed and put under control by learni

Charm Your Life With Lucky Eyes

We can never deny the fact that modern society still believes in the unknown. There are some things that cannot be explained by Science that affects our day-to-day life. Positive and negative energies are invisible forces that shape our life according to our will.

The Value of Good Communications

Today more than ever there is a real lack of good communication.The true art of communication is allowing the other's truth to exist, without trying to change it.

What You Are Supposed to Learn From Your Failures?

Most people cannot handle any rejection. They believe that rejection is simply too hard to deal with so they avoid it at all costs. What most people do not understand about failure is what failure actually is telling us. This article will give a detailed lesson about learning from our failures.

Adolescent Management Stress, the Best Way to Keep Them Focused

There is probably one age range that suffers much more from stress than adults, and that age range is the one that corresponds to adolescents.Adolescent management stress techniques are of extreme importance due to the fact that young people at this age range will suffer from many different problems

Your Actions Today

Exhausted from a six day business trip and facing a five hour flight on a packed, late departing evening plane, my desire was to block out noise from twenty-two high school students seated nearby. Favorites off my play list, and a just purchased mystery by a favorite author, seemed the perfect remed

Spring Cleanse an Area of Your Life

Spring is the perfect time of the year to clean out, whether it is cleaning out the clutter in your home with spring cleaning or cleaning out the toxins in your body with a spring ...

Swing Your Heart Out!

I admit, I've been through a lot lately. Stress from home, work and all that.

How To Effectively Manage Employees Near And Far

Performance management and outsourcing relationship management (ORM) are two skills that lend themselves to the structure and style of learning management system courses. Learning management system (LMS) courses in performance management and ORM help organizations to avoid the failure that often occ

Presence: The Key to Losing Reactivity

Make friends with the present moment. As part of the S.T.O.P. process, this is the last and final step, P is for Presence. Being present, reserving judgment and listening will help you to stop reacting and to start living more.

Finding Recovery

I should have been asked to leave my first attempt at recovery. Unlike my wife, I didn't show up drunk, but I was there for all of the wrong reasons. I was there to show how great of a guy I was in supporting my wife. I was there to talk about how bad my life was because of my wife's drink

Building the Foundation Towards Personal Development

To achieve any form of success, personal development should be on top of one's priority. You cannot expect growth in your business when you lack certain aspects in terms of personal growth. Hence, the sad reality that only a few among those aiming for success achieve it. Through personal develo

Leadership is Real and it is in You

What is a leader? Leadership has been described by some as the "process of social influence in which one person is able to enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task".