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TSTN Success Training Network Review.

If you think that you will improve your life by watching TV you are completely mistaken. As Vic Johnson says when you watch TV you watch other people living their dream, doing what they love ...

Magick Tools - The Athame

An Athame, also known as Arthame, is a double edged knife, traditionally with a black handle. It is considered the masculine tool (phallic) and so it is used for commanding, as opposed to a chalice that is used for inviting or invocation of spirits. The athame's primary use is to direct energy.

What Have You Done in the Past That You Feel Still Defines You?

We must not let people from the past dictate who we become in the future. We must take heed and listen to our heart and take action. Our thoughts lead to our success only if we act on them. Procrastination is the only major factor that may stop you from moving to the next chapter in your life. The b

Freelance Writer: Excellent Opportunity for Determined Writers

Freelancing has been a profitable option for people who have extra time. One of the popular jobs in freelancing is article writing. A freelance writer enjoys the freedom of writing articles in his own time and place. It can be a permanent career for those who are determined enough to enjoy working i

Are You Hanging Out With Astral Entities?

Not that they're evil or bad or anything remotely like that. But you are allowing another entity to drain you of your precious energy and if you're living here on planet Earth (and let's just assume you are!), you will need all your own energy.

How To Start And Manage A Lawn Care Service

Proper planning of your business is required to insure you can be profitable. This will also make your better prepared for future and long term. Planning your future goals as best you can will save ...

How to Use Law of Attraction - 4 Secret Keys

The law of attraction does not merely rely on the simple formula of ask, believe, and receive. To know how to use its full power, you need to apply 4 secret keys.

Getting the God-Priority Right First

The distance to the centre of our hearts is incredibly long. This of other devices is the journey to godly sincerity. God asks, "Do you really want this thing?" and secondarily, "Are you ready (really ready) for this thing?" Our answer is always an impatient, "YES!" God

I Hate What I Do In Life, What Do I Do?

Did you know that most people feel the same way that you do? If you ask around you will find that the majority of people will tell you that they don't really enjoy what they do in life.

Is Your Story Working for You?

We've all got limiting beliefs. You know some of them. Others you don't. You may have gone to personal growth workshops and thought you discovered them all. I'm sure you did

How To Recognize An Inherited Emotion

As young infants we naturally match our energy patterns to our parents as a survival technique. We also inherit emotions through energy patterns down through the generations. Deeply rooted inherited negative emotions that we struggle with can be released through the resonance repatterning process al

Awakening Your Leadership Potential - Leading in Your Place of Talents - Part 1

As an individual, there is something that makes you unique. When you stay in your place of uniqueness, you are bound to reign and lead in that place. There is a process to becoming a leader. Leadership calls for development. Just as one is born a male and become a man, so also you become a leader.

All Important Steps For Goal Setters

Why are we setting goals in the first place? Why are you a goal setter? The answer must be to achieve a worthy ideal. You want to get from a, to b. And you want to get there in the shortest possible t

Advantages of Being Tall - Feel Good About Your Height

Being tall is a great attribute. It can be a help in life in many ways. In addition to the physical advantages of being tall there are also psychological benefits to being tall. Modern lifestyles generate much negativity and cause many people to feel bad about themselves - these could be financial p

Spring Cleaning for Your Soul

Spring is here and there are signs of new life everywhere! Buds have turned into green leaves in the trees and flowers are in full bloom, sharing their beautiful colors and fragrances for us to enjoy. Nature really does seem to be at its best during the spring season: everything feels brand new and

Tips on Handling Stress - 4 Effective Ways to Become More Relaxed

When we become stressed with our lives, all sorts of things can happen. We may want to shut the doors and not talk to anybody, or we may want to just start punching the closest thing near us. The stress that happens to us often can lead to frustration which can lead to anger which can lead to depres

How Can Goal Setting Worksheets Help You

Goal setting can be done in many ways. For example, you could simply think about it, make big plans or even use goal setting worksheets. Success is determined by a system that can streamline the proce