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Book Review - Avenging Victorio by Dave DeWitt

"Avenging Victorio", dramatic and moving, is the story of an enslaved people whose way of life was completely shattered and altered forever. The U. S. Army Ninth Cavalry were faced with a rabble band of Apache warriors led by an elderly man who rose up against them to revenge the death of

Discover the Twilight Collection by Stephenie Meyer

If you are an enormous admirer of wonderful easy to read literature, make sure you take a look at this series of vampire books for young adults. There is a series of books called the Twilight saga. It contains four novels penned by American author Stephenie Meyer.

Pearl, A Life Too Short, A Death Too Long Written By Darlene Cox

Pearl Sutton did not deserve to die such a tragic and early death. Pearl was found battered and partially buried in fallen leaves and branches just off a popular trail. Those that didn't really know Pearl thought of her as the town tramp and whore.

A Guy's View of Ideal Dating Guide - Guy Gets Girl

How would you like to know what women secretly wish you knew about dating, romance, sex and relationships? The dating scene can be very elusive, especially with the growing popularity of online dating. For centuries, men have been trying to figure women out and find out what they really want in a ma

Steve Jobs - A Must Read

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is the one book to read this year. This review explains why it's timely, relevant and easy to read.

Victor and the Sun Orb Written by Amy Nielsen

When I was approached to read and review this book, I tossed over and over in my mind as to whether I could enjoy this type of book and give it a justifiable review. As I got into the book, it grew on me very quickly to the point that I was looking forward to the next page to find out what could occ

Anti-Catholic Polemics and Bigotry

This is a little book for those seeking a right understanding of Apologetics in the context of Catholicism. It is written in a simple and friendly manner. It is an attempt to look at some Catholic positions in a Biblical perspective.

Emma - The Timeless Victorian Romance

The Victorian era is one that never moves far from memory. It is an age where life was vibrant and when it came to written romance, there are so many books that are written to show the feel of the Victorian romance. There are several books of romance that stand out.

How to Run a Modern Company

This book is now considered a classic in many regards, as the title engaged managers, executives and CEOs across five continents, however the title which later became a Buzz-Word for change, too caused havoc and fear amongst the work force of many a corporate entity. There are some great case studie

The Last Good War: The Faces and Voices of World War II

World War II was a defining event in history, especially America. I had a grandfather who served in that war, earning two Purple Hearts and a Silver Star. I've seen countless movies depicting events from World War II, and I've also read a number of books about those years as well. It was a

Hire Me! Secrets of Job Interviewing, 3rd Edition

I had the pleasure of meeting Patricia Noel Drain at an event she held in Montana a few months ago. I and the others in the group spent two days with Patricia discussing business ideas and strategies for growing our businesses. During the event, I won a copy of her book "Hire Me! Secrets of Job

Deadly Night by Heather Graham

Deadly Night by Heather Graham is an excellent haunted house murder mystery, complete with voodoo dolls and restless ghosts from the Civil War.Set in present day New Orleans, Graham spins a wonderful ghost story for all readers.

I Am My Country's Symbol of Liberty

I was stitched, sewn and designed as a symbol of liberty in Philadelphia in 1776. My red stripes represent the blood of those that have given their lives for freedom; My white stripes stand for liberty; and my stars are divine inspirations from heaven.

Ballad of a GI ((or, 'The Wine of Sydney') (August, 1971))

It was a warm evening in Sydney; the war in Vietnam was a long way away, and you could see lights in many of the city's buildings, it made for many shadows, the streets were dusty with cars passing alongside our bus. The street corners were lit up by stoplights, and the moon, cast a rippling gl