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The Best Lenses for Wildlife With Nikon

Wildlife photography requires telephoto lenses and the professional nature photographers at Mountain Trail recommend lenses with focal lengths ranging from 300mm to 600mm. Focal lengths less than 300mm would require the photographer to get too close to the wildlife, putting both...

Photoshop Services at Your Beck and Call

Photoshop services are very important for people who have online business. Photos are very important when it comes to online business. Photos are used to attract the attention of consumers. When they see beautiful and attractive photos on your website, you can convince them to buy your products and

Wedding Portfolio Editing

As a resource for fellow wedding photographers, I have put together an editing process that will help make your best images shine, and give you the ability to edit for the strongest portfolio possible. This was a technique taught to me by a great photojournalism professor, and always works the best.

How Much Should You Pay For Wedding Photography

The Wedding Photography is arguably the most important element of the entire wedding, especially after the fact. That being the case, how much should you spend and what is the relationship between price and quality? ...

35mm Film - A Short History

35mm film has evolved over recent years. This articles gives a brief summary of the history of 35mm film.

Reasons Why Photo Books Are Better Than Digital Albums

Times may be changing so it's best to document every important detail in your life. But instead of storing them in places where they will gather dust or not end up being seen at all like in DVDs, create a photo book.

Texas Wedding Photographer

The Texas wedding photographer has seen a sea change in the last decade or so. There are so many new ideas and styles that have been introduced that one can get confused of what exactly to choose.

How to Take Beautiful Photographs With Your Camera Phone

Almost everyone these days has a mobile phone. Mobile phones with inbuilt cameras have really taken off in recent years. Some camera phones have quite amazing cameras with high specifications. Why not use your phone to take beautiful photos? I don't suggest that you replace your camera with a c

Are You A Photographer Who's Travelling or a Travel Photographer?

Travel photography is probably one of the most misunderstood fields of commercial photography. For most photographers, the only requirement for shooting travel images is for them to be somewhere new, but the reality is very different. The good news is, this mass misconception means there's grea

Why Compile Puppy Pictures

If you have ever owned or if you still own a pet right now, we are sure that you know how important your pet dogs are to you.For most pet owners, these pet dogs are more than a man's best friend but are even considered as a part of the family. However, the reality always remains that there is a

Camera Master Shot Techniques

Master shots provide the foundation of a movie image by charles taylor from Fotolia.comA master shot is a recording of an entire scene. Master shots, also known as long shots or establishing shots, produce the foundational shot for a scene. All subsequent shots are used to...

Demand for Budget Photography on the Rise

With an increasing trend for online start-ups, less money is required to get a business on it's feet compared to an old fashioned bricks and motor business. However, a large portion of an online start-up's capital still goes into photography, particularly for online retail shops that are r

The Tamron 200-500 Review - A Super Telephoto Lens

The Tamron 200-500 is a lightweight and powerful high-magnification zoom that offers amazing value. For the money, it's hard to imagine how you'd find a better, more satisfying lens for your long-distance shots.