Treatment of Cat Respiratory Infections

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Giving a Cat a Pill - How To?

Giving medication to a pet can prove to be a real struggle; they bark and howl, they hide under the furniture, and they spit up their pill without even ingesting the minimal amount beforehand. You find yourself worried that they will not get better, simply because you are unable to get anything down

Why You Need a Cat Scratch Post

If you have a problem with your cat scratching your furniture or you're planning on raising a cat, one of the things you'll need to buy is a cat scratching post. It's natural for cats to scratch as it is a habit of theirs. So if you don't provide your cat a scratch post, the resu

How to Treat Cat Fleas

At some point during a cats life it will suffer with fleas, normally brought into the house from your cat being outside with other cats and animals. There are various different ways to treat cat fleas, and these need not be harsh chemicals. Don't suffer with flea infestations, fleas are easy to

Cat Litter Box Defecation Problems

Many owners suddenly find their cat starts defecating or urinating outside the litter box. This is a common problem and no cause for panic. There are many possible causes; the first step should always be to consult a veterinarian to rule out a possible physiological reason.

Risks and Negative Effects of Cat Massage

Massage therapy is a great way to remove stress and to relieve the body of humans from all sorts of body pain. Cats are similar in this way as they also need body stimulation, soothing, and treatment with ailments on their muscle areas. However, like all types of therapies, cat massage is surrounded

The Vaccination Conundrum - Protocols for Cats Vaccines

Recent information, mis-information, rumors and conjecture have made it difficult for the cat owner to make critical decisions regarding vaccination of cats. This article seeks to lift the fog of the vaccination conundrum to enable the cat lover to make an informed decision on vaccinating his or her

Will Vinegar Remove the Smell of Cat Pee?

As any longtime cat owner is well aware, one of the most frustrating trials of owning a feline is the recurring problem of mess and odor from cat urine. One of the most time-tested and least expensive home remedies for cat pee smell is vinegar, a simple solution that can effectively reduce or elimin

Tabby Cats Picture Gallery: Bella

March marks the first month of Spring, when the earth is rich with promises of things to be. Tabby cats are almost as old as Mother earth herself, and are the epitome of Catness in all its wonder and glory. This month we salute our Tabby Cat friends as the cats for March's Cat Picture Calendar

Can You Tame A Feral Cat?

Most people think a feral cat is a stray cat, but this is not so. A stray cat is usually the result of the irresponsibility of a person.

Vaccinations: A Shot in the Dark?

Nobody likes needles - and if your four-legged feline knew what he was in for, he'd probably go scampering up a tree! Still, as a loving pet owner, it's up to you to keep your cat's shots current.

What Causes Colitis in Cats?

CausesColitis is an irritated colon and large intestine. This can happen to any cat, whether it is young or old, male or female.Colitis can be caused by any number of things. Bacteria, parasites, fungi or a virus that the cat has contracted can cause an inflammation and colitis.Colitis...

How Does Feliway Work?

IntroductionWhen looking for solutions to cat issues such as marking, urinating outside the litter box, aggressiveness, fear or anxiety, veterinarians often recommended Feliway.Feliway is a liquid product, available as a spray or plug-in diffuser, that contains synthetic copies of feline...

How to Correct Bad Behavior in Cats

Correcting bad behavior in cats is very important. You need to fix the cat's bad behavior before the problem becomes so bad that both you and your cat are stressed out.

A Cat Scratching Post Can Fit Your Cat's Needs and Your Wants

A cat scratching post is an absolute must in any home with a cat. This is exactly what you need to calm your cat's most loved behavior and save your furniture. A cat scratching post calms your cat's natural behavior of scratching things up, ultimately keeping him from destroying your home

How to Remove Cat Urine Stains on Clothing

If there is a cat-urine stain on a piece of your clothing, it's important to remove it as quickly as possible to stop the stain from setting and fully remove the unpleasant odor. There are many products available for removing pet-urine stains, but it's easy and inexpensive to use household items. Ma

How to Tell if a Cat is in Pain

Unfortunately, cats can't tell us when they're in pain--they would if they could--because they hurt just like we do--therefore, it's up to us humans to figure it out. Here are some signs to help determine if your cat is feeling pain.

Cat Pet Supplies - What You Should Need

Purchasing supplies is not an easy task, though you may think it is. There are many things that you must keep in mind when doing so. Likewise, if it is for your cats, then you have to be careful in making your purchase regarding giving them the perfect and ideal supplies that they needed.

Cat Spaying Complications

Cats can experience complications during a spay image by tnk333 from Fotolia.comSpaying a cat is a process known as ovariohysterectomy, which is the sexual sterilization of a cat by removing its ovaries and uterus. Spaying a cat is an elective procedure in most instances,...

Cat Travel: Cats and Pet Friendly Hotels

Read this article to learn how to prepare cats for pet friendly hotel stays. Learn about traveling with cats and finding pet friendly hotels while vacationing with cats.

What to Give a Sick Cat With Cold-Like Symptoms

When cats exhibit symptoms that resemble the common cold in humans, it is quite often a sign that they have contracted an upper respiratory infection (URI). According to the Morris Animal Foundation, URI is a common feline viral condition. It is highly contagious among cats. Most cats recover from t