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Training Your Horse to Trailer Load

At the end of a fun-filled, but long day out with your horse all that's left to do is get your horse in the trailer. You walk your horse to ramp, walk in and before you know it you've ricocheted off the end of the lead rope. You walked on the ramp but your horse slammed on the brakes as if

Before Committing to Horse Ownership

A horse can be expensive to keep with feed, tack, vet, farrier, vaccinations, stable tools, lessons, fencing, shelter, bedding, and supplies. Many of these are recurring monthly costs. So before going horse shopping and buying into horse ownership, make sure you are ready for the financial commitmen

How to Overcome Bad Habits in Horses

Bad habits develop as coping mechanisms in response to poor environmental conditions, an improper diet, inadequate exercise and training or a lack of socialization. Oftentimes, horses exhibit ill behavior as a way to communicate that something is bothering them, such as pain, stress, anxiety, insecu

Saddles For Sale - English Saddles Vs Western Saddles

When it comes to saddles, the first thing most people want to know is the difference between the English and Western saddles for sale. When looking at saddles for sale, the most obvious difference you will notice between the two will first of all be the horn that is present on the western saddle. Th

Horse Joint Structure and the Heath Benefits of Glucosamine

Everything hinges - literally - on the joints. If it's not the joints themselves, it's the bands of tissue or the tendons that provide joint stability and mobility. Joint disease often starts with inflammation of the tissue that surrounds the joint, called the synovial membrane.

Braiding Horse Hair: Top 5 Tips For Beginners

Braiding horse hair takes a little bit of practice and a whole lot of patience. If you're a beginner you can expect to spend at least 2 hours on the job the first time you try and you and your horse may both be exhausted when you're done. But don't worry. Like anything else in life, t

How to Keep a Horse From Boredom in the Stall

Stalling a horse is sometimes necessary. Whether it is for show, injury, or other reasons, keeping your horse in a stall for an extended period of time may happen. It is important to keep your horse from developing vices from this confinement. This article will give you some tips on how to avoid

What Are the Treatments for Chorioptic Mange in Horses?

Chorioptic mange, or "leg mange," is quite common in draft horses with long hair or feathers on their legs. Caused by tiny, burrowing mites, it first appears as pustules and, as it advances, there is hair loss, crusting and thickening of the skin. Typically chorioptic mange occurs on the feet and fe

How to Fit a Blanket for a Horse

Blanketing is an excellent way to protect your horse from the elements and keep his coat sleek and shiny, but you need to make sure the blanket you choose fits properly. If the blanket is too small, it will not be comfortable for your horse. If the blanket is too large, your horse could become entan

Horse Shoeing Tools

Farriers use many different types of equipment.horseshoe image by Henryk Olszewski from Fotolia.comNo matter what type of horse you own, proper hoof care is absolutely essential. The old saying "no hoof, no horse" is very true, and owners neglect their horse's feet at their peril. When...

10 Things You Didn't Know About Horse Manure

Horse manure may be a distasteful subject to most people, but horse owners know a lot can be learned from poop! Here are facts about manure that may interest even those who will never shovel a stall.

How to Treat a Horse's Fetlock If Injured

Just as any parent should know basic first aid, as a horse owner you need to learn basic wound and injury care. However, in both instances, you also need to know when to seek medical attention from a professional. Your horse's fetlock area is particularly high risk, as Dr. Janet Roark, a veterinaria

Laminitis in Horses

Laminitis or "founder" is a common illness known about by horse lovers from an early age, as native ponies on pasture that is too lush are common victims. It is caused by inflammation of the laminae in the hoof. Although traditionally associated with ponies, it can affect donkeys, mules an

How to Clean Cordura Saddles

No matter what type of horse you own or what type of riding you prefer, you need to have a top quality tack and keep it in good shape. Riders have a choice of materials, including traditional leather saddles and saddles constructed of synthetic materials. Cordura saddles are the latter type. The cle

The Belmont Stakes: Run for the Carnations

To complete the Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes is a 2.4 km horse race held every June in Belmont Park in Elmont, New York. It occurs just three weeks after the Preakness. It has also been called the "Test of the Champion" since the longer distance challenges the three year-old horses in

All About Clydesdale Horses

A description of Clydesdale horses. Learn about the Clydesdale horse's physical characteristics, history and origin, uses, unique traits, colors, and markings.

Most Everything I Know About People I Learned From Horses. 4

The more I work with horses and people the more I learn about each. This is the Fourth in a series of articles I would like to write about some of the things we teach to help in our relationship with our horses, as well as with each other and what we can learn from our creator. We use 4 keywords in

Why is Weaving Harmful?

Learn about the habit of weaving in horses. Discover how the habit of weaving can be harmful to horses.