Are Molly Fish a Good Addition to Your Aquarium?

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How Much Does Your Koi Cost?

How Are Koi Categorized and Priced? The national fish of Japan, koi are some of the most gorgeous and graceful creatures that exist. Many different varieties are available and each one is just as elegant and unique as the other.

All About Discus Fish - A History of Discus Fish

The discus fish is a type of cichlid fish native to South America. In particular to the waters of the Amazon River. There are three species of these beautiful tropical fish. The common discus (known as Symphysodon aqueifasciatius), the Heckle discus fish (Sympysodon discus), and the newest species,

Sea Cows or Sea-Maids?

Get an idea about the most peaceful marine inhabitants - manatees! They are much enclosed in Greece mythology!

Facts About Koi Fish Colors

In the beginning there was the ancient Carp, the Magoi, dark and uninteresting, a vital link of the food chain in China, however destined to be the forerunner of the magnificent "Living Jewels" we enjoy nowadays. Fast forward to the early 20th century, where the color potential of these fi

Basic Betta Fish Facts

If you've been enchanted by the beauty and engaging personality of betta fish and you think you would like to own one, here are a few basic betta fish facts that may interest you. Some of these tidbits of information might actually be helpful while others are just interesting and simply add to

Guppy Aquarium Habitat

Guppies are small, colorful freshwater fish that are commonly found in both beginner and advanced aquarium systems. Guppies are known as hardy, easy to care for fish. However, they remain sought after among serious fish keepers because of their striking coloring and long, flowing fins. Guppies thriv

5 Secrets How to Grow Large Goldfishes

Do you have an outdoor pond and want to keep fishes that look big and magnificent? Or do you want to show off to your friends how healthy and large your goldfishes look? If you do, then you would want to have goldfishes that look large, plump and heavy. Here are 5 secrets how to grow large gold fish

How to Care for Starfish

Starfish are salt water creatures named because they resemble five-pointed stars. This resemblance makes starfish a popular salt water dweller, and a welcome addition to any salt water fish tank. Starfish are relatively fish to care for by salt water tank standards, due to their ability to get along

Velvet Fish Disease

Has your once brilliantly colored, wide eyed finned friend started looking and acting differently recently? Is his once gorgeous body now dull and covered with a strange, rusty colored film? Was he once very active and now sits lethargically near the bottom of the tank? If so, your little finned fri

What To Know Before Finding Freshwater Stingrays for Sale

Stingrays are a specific group of rays that are actually related to sharks and finding freshwater stingrays for sale is only the last step. They have one or more barbed stings which are placed in their tail and are used when they are attacked. These stings will release poison when they hit the attac

The Quarantine Pond

Before buying a new fish, look at it carefully in the dealer's pond. Even though it may look healthy, bear in mind that dealers are always turning over their stock, making it impossible for you to assess long term health. This makes a good quarantine facility essential.

How to Remove Aluminum & Phosphate in Aquariums

Phosphate is found in many things such as water and food and will build up in both freshwater and saltwater aquarium systems. It is a primary fertilizer for nuisance freshwater and saltwater algae. The buildup of aluminum in the aquarium can come from tap water, aluminum oxide filters and presence o

How to Start a Tropical Freshwater Fish Aquarium Based on Pure Assumption

If you want to be successful at starting a freshwater fish aquarium based on pure assumption then you must do absolutely zero research first of all. Do nothing. Just go out and buy the first fish aquarium which comes into your mind and that way you can be sure of successful failure.

First Steps to Owning an Aquarium

After having decided to take on the responsibility of having fish to care for, they need to have conditions that will suit them. Like keeping any pet, fish require caring for in a manner, which promotes their wellbeing. The conditions they live in suited to the type of fish and the number in the aqu

How to Tell if an Orange Mollie Fish is Pregnant

The orange mollie, or molly, is a tropical freshwater fish. Add 1 tsp. per 5 gallons of fresh water to give the mollie just the right amount of salt. The orange mollie is a livebearing fish, which means it gives birth to living babies rather than eggs. Orange mollies breed almost constantly, so you

How to Care for Zebra Tilapia

The zebra tilapia (Buttikoferi cichlid) is native to river systems in Western Africa. The black-and-white striped zebra pattern gives this fish its common name. The stripes tend to fade as the fish ages. Zebra tilapia are popular freshwater aquarium fish due to their interesting, lively behavior. Th

Tips on Bala Shark Care

Bala sharks are indigenous to Southeast Asia. They swim the streams and rivers of Thailand, Borneo, Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula. The recent industrialization of these regions is threatening the Bala shark's natural habitat. Their numbers have diminished greatly in the wild over the past two

What Colors Are the West African Seahorse?

The West African seahorse (Hippocampus algiricus), a creamy brown fish with black and brown patterning and white spots, is found in the waters along the west coast of Africa. A species of the Syngnathidae family of social ocean fish, the West African seahorse is considered potentially endangered bec