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How to Make Finch Food

Finches are small birds that live between four and seven years. They are popular pets and do well in caged environments. Although they are quiet birds, they are also quite active and will entertain their owners by flitting around their cages and playing with their toys. Although birdseed can be purc

Adopt a Smaller Pet Bird

The bird with the scientific name Poicephalus Meyeri originated from the wilds of Central and Eastern Africa.Meyers have gone thru countless hybrids without having to consider instant look "standard" in plume color and other features. Meyer parrots appear to be of six sub-species; each loo

A Bird Feeder Plan For All Seasons

Other than just looking nice, a bird feeder also provides the benefit of allowing the person who has built the bird feeder to feel a sense of joy that derives from having completed the task of buildin

Australian Finches - Their Care and Keep

Australian finches are remarkable little birds. In this article, you'll learn how to take great care of these birds, and what pitfalls to avoid so you can enjoy happy, healthy finches.

Captive Swan Diet

Swans are waterfowl in the genus Cygnus. All swan species share a similar diet in the wild, consisting mostly of aquatic vegetation enhanced by grains, insects and invertebrates. Exactly what is consumed depends on the species of the swan and what is found in the environment. In captivity, keeping s

Birding Lite

Review of "Birding Lite" (2009) by Stan Dryden, a humorous look at the ins and outs of birding for both beginning and lighthearted birders who don't want to take the hobby too seriously.

New Mexico

Photo gallery of all 50 state birds, including when and why each bird was officially adopted, what states share the same birds and information about seeing your state's bird.

Bluejay Bird Information

The Blue Jay--a bird from the family Corvidae--is one of the most well known birds in North America. Not only are Blue Jays common, they are not in danger of becoming extinct like many other species of birds that are negatively impacted by urbanization. Blue Jays interact well with humans, so they a


Defines the bird family Picidae with a discussion of characteristics these birds all share, as well as examples of birds in the Picidae family.

Bird Urban Legends

The top 12 urban legends and hoaxes about birds, including which ones are true and which are false. Includes explanations debunking all false myths and explaining why true ones are accurate.

How to Make a Duck Pen

The gentle, easygoing nature of ducks has made them popular pets and farm animals. Ducks are fairly simple to care for, requiring a minimal amount of supplies to thrive. Ducks do need food, water and a pen of their own to keep out predators. A duck pen is not a complex structure to build and can be

What Eats the Cardinal Bird?

Cardinals, known for their bright red feathers, are found in the eastern portion of North America. They are hunted and eaten by a variety of predators, including large birds, various mammals and certain reptiles. Cardinals are eaten when they are full grown as well as when they are still fledgling

The Diet of Plovers

Plovers are wading birds in the Charadriinae subfamily. About 60 species of plovers exist in habitats around the world. These birds are also sometimes called dotterels. All plovers spend their time on the shores of large bodies of water, and hunt by sight. Plovers are primarily insect-eaters, though

Learn How to Keep Geese With These Simple Tricks

These days, you can find different bits of information on how to raise geese. While there are a number of resources on this matter, finding tips on how to keep geese is an entirely different story. Raising and keeping geese are two different things. The first one involves breeding and rearing geese,

How to Handtrain a Parakeet

Parakeets are affectionate, intelligent and social birds. They are therefore easy to train, especially if handling the bird begins when it's a baby. They will perch on your hand, shoulder or head, do tricks and some can even be trained to talk. Hand-training your parakeet is necessary for bonding wi

Natural Habitats of African Greys

Younger birds are usually a light grey color.Parrot image by Snezana Skundric from Fotolia.comThere are two different species of the African grey parrot: the Congo African grey parrot and the Timneh African grey parrot. Each has their own distinct physical and personality traits,...

National Bird-Feeding Society

Learn more about the National Bird-Feeding Society, including what the organization does, how to join and the benefits of membership.