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Probiotic Benefits - What Does it Entail?

Live micro-organisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer good health - is what WHO describes probiotics. Although people tend to think of bacteria as something harmful, there are many types of bacteria that are ...

Sweet Potatoes Vs. White Potatoes

People "know" that sweet potatoes are more healthy than white potatoes. But is that really true? What are the facts?

HCG Diet Protocol Phase 2 Recipes

The HCG Diet Plan contains three menu phases. Right after beginning to shed weight of one to two pounds on an average per day, you need to begin on the Phase two menus meant to enable you to keep up w

How to Eat Your Way to Slim and Healthy in 2015

When it comes to dieting and new year's resolutions, they go hand in hand. How about changing your lifestyle eating habits in 2015 and beyond. Use this article as a guide to help you stay slim and healthy in the new year.

What Are Anti Candida Diets and How Can They Help?

With the diagnosis of a Candida infection, a doctor will normally prescribe anti-fungal medication, a change to the persons diet and changes to their lifestyle.So, what do anti Candida diets consist of, and how can they help?

Spirulina - Natures Best Source Of Complete And Balanced Nutrition

Spirulina fits into practically any dietary plan because it is an extremely digestible, high-energy, gluten free, low-calorie, low-fat natural food containing an incredibly wide range of important nutrients. Spirulina is 60-70% protein by weight and is the richest source of vitamins (Vitamin B-12),

Have Fun Lowering Your Cholesterol

Want to have fun lowering your cholesterol? Here's how you can enjoy it. If you are a person who loves his veggies, then you are in luck. You see, they're good for you! And veggies aren't the only fun foods that do you well.

Potential Side Effects You Can Face From Having Too Much Green Tea

Too much of anything can be bad, even if it is too much of something that is good for you. Many people seem to think that if something is good for you that taking more of it is even better. This can cause the thing that is good for you to become not so good for you.

Secrets and Pros of the Dymatize Supplements

Dymatize offers a great line of different supplements. We will look into the different products and benefits as well as look at some key factors that make them some of the best.

What Are Superfoods and Their Health Benefits?

One of the latest dietary promotions in the marketplace is that of Superfoods, foods rich in vitamins and minerals that can help people live longer, healthier, happier lives. Some Superfoods plans list the top 10 foods in them; others promote 14, and yet others have as many as around 37 listed to da

Enjoy Sexual Life Without Any Problem Prima Cleanse Plus

Prima Cleanse Plus muscle building product has a highly developed, medically and clinically confirmed formula that works by tightening our body muscles and providing definition to them we have always wanted. This body building product ...

Get Over Bad Cholesterol With A Good Dose Of Flax Seed

Statistics reveal that over 80 million Americans suffer from at least one form of cardiovascular disease. What with the oftentimes excessive intake of protein-rich and fatty food items that is seldom complemented by regular exercise, it is not surprising to find more and more people inflicted with h

Tips on How to Make Your Kids Eat Healthy Foods

As parents, it is our duty to make sure that our kids are eating right and getting the proper nutrition that their rapidly growing bodies need. With this, let me share to you some tips on how to make

3 Reasons You Should Should Eat More Vegetables

First off, you are going to be consuming food that is very good for your health. You make a valid point when you point out that some vegetables are not that great of a taste That may very well be true, however there are many that taste great, so keep trying different ones to see which ones that you

A Guide to Health and Nutrition

Health and nutrition are two sides of the same coin. They complement each other in a healthy and fit individual.

Intelligent Snacking

Snacking as we know it usually refers to eating chips, sweets and other unhealthy, calorie-filled foods between meals. But eating healthy snacks throughout the day can be a great way to ensure you have a balanced diet containing all crucial vitamins and nutrients and it is also known to turbo boost