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The Power Of Predictions In Dreams

I had read Freud's book about the interpretation of dreams when I was 18-years-old (in 1979). I borrowed it from a library in Pacific Beach (California) when I was studying English there. In the beginning his method seemed to make sense, but later I saw that it couldn't be applied to all t

The Benefits of Using a Mood Tracker

For people who suffer from depression, bipolar, or other mood swing problems, managing the level of your moods is a vital component to evaluate which treatment options are working. Medication, therapy, exercise and nutrition all ...

Medications for Stress & Depression

Antidepressants are prescribed not only for depression, but also for the treatment of anxiety. For those suffering from depression or anxiety, there are many different types of antidepressants that can be prescribed. Understanding the medications available can help you make the best choice for you,

Conquering Anxiety and Panic Attacks

It is very important to understand panic attacks most especially if you have a reputation where losing control should be out of the scene. Panic attacks can always just occur even if you were never subjected to panic attacks when you were still a child. It may attack you without a notice while you a

Coping With Everyday Stress

Stress is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as a constraining force or influence: as a force exerted when one body or body part presses on, pulls on, pushes against, or tends to compress or twist another body or body part; especially: the intensity of this mutual force. The deformation cause

Introduction to Reiki 2

How will I know when I'm ready for Reiki 2? What changes occur with advanced Reiki? Can I study Reiki 2 immediately after Reiki 1?

Creating Work Life Balance

We are all striving for work life balance and often the more balance we have the more productive and happy we feel, right? In this article, you will learn ways to slow down and take simple breaks that create more balance in your life.

How Do I Treat Anxiety Through Sports?

Anxiety can generally be alleviated through exercise and sports. This is because the act of exercising heightens the flow of oxygen through the body, causing an individual to relax. Exercise also causes the body to release a chemical called serotonin, which naturally leads to feelings of happiness.

What Is Depression And How Can I Help Someone With Depression?

Depression Can Be A Killer, If Not Treated As A Real Illness. Helping Someone With Depression Can Save Their Life - Literally! Depression Is An Illness, A Medical Condition, That CAN Be Treated. You CAN Help Someone Live A Successful & Happy Life With Depression. Allow me to share with you my real l

Mustering Courage to Seek Therapy

Sometimes the people who need therapy the most are the very people who find it hardest to seek help. Investing your time, money and emotional energy takes courage.

The Physical Effects of Wearing the Wrong Shoes

It seems that everyone these days is becoming more and more health conscious. There are concerns about chemicals in the water supply, pandemics, genetically altered foods and mercury in fish. The touted benefits of supplementation and low-carb diets are never ending. People have to think about the h

Floating Therapy

Stress is a normal part of our life that we have to deal with whether we want to or not. But even as a passive thing it is still hard to find a way to wind down and relax. Flotation therapy is one way to get some time out and give you relaxation.

Home Safety and Dementia

The cognitive problems that a person with dementia experiences cause a variety of home safety concerns. This is an ongoing concern for family members, because as the individual's dementia progresses, so do the needs for care. You should continually evaluate the ability of your parent to live at