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Medical Billing Course Work: Basics

The medical billing, medical billing specialist industry is a wide open opportunity for many individuals to learn the medical field and also receive a good salary. Most medical billing specialist nowadays have received some sort ...

Older Women like Homecare more

Survey says why insurance with home care benefit is popular More older women get home-based care for chronic health issues than men, reveals an American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) study. According to the ...

How you can find best Insurance Plans?

There are various companies in Los Angeles who provide health insurance plan. Secondly, there are also so many insurance companies offering very fascinating fake commitment in such a situation people of course get confused which ...

Treatment Is Possible With a Lot of Facilities

The need of medical support is a compulsory part of a life. We have been inventing different process of treatment to treat ourselves since a long time within the affordable cost. But problem remains static ...

Minnesota is breaking the mold

Minnesota is holding its breath as SF 118, the Minnesota Health Act, navigates its way through the state legislature. The latest news is that, on February 10, it was passed by the Senate Commerce and ...

Keys To Keeping Good Medical Records

Medical records are an important part of any medical practice. Keeping good records is essential in avoiding an audit or possibly not getting payment from an insurance company. Several auditing groups include, licensing boards, payers, ...

When Does a Person Receive Medicare?

The Medicare health insurance system is a government-subsidized program that provides a health coverage option for certain groups of people. Medicare has a two-part structure, which includes hospital benefits and medical insurance benefits. A person can receive Medicare benefits in cases where certa

What Is a Non-Formulary Brand?

Companies create brand names for their products to label and differentiate them from competition. Drug companies invest millions of dollars to convince you to ask your doctor for their brand by name. In some cases, there are perfectly good reasons you should do so, and, in others, there are not. As

What Is a Medicare Demonstration Plan?

Medicare is a federally-funded insurance plan offered to those over age 65, and to certain disabled individuals. Constant evaluation ensures the program's effectiveness with regard to cost and quality of care.

How to Insure a Baby After Birth

Newborn babies require doctor visits at regular intervals during the first year and checkups for months 12 through 24. To cover the cost of doctor and hospital care, sign your baby up for health insurance. Your baby must obtain a Social Security number before you can add her to a new or existing hea

Instructions For Filing a Health Insurance Claim

Providers and hospitals usually take ownership of submitting health insurance claims on behalf of their patients. They want payment for treating patients and have dedicated staff handling claims filing. Most provider claims filing is electronic, but occasionally you may pay a doctor or hospital bill

How to Bill Medicare Part B for Home Care

Medicare is a federally funded and operated health insurance program consisting of two main parts: Part A (inpatient hospital) insurance and Part B (outpatient medical) insurance. If your home care provider does not accept Medicare assignment, but the services provided are eligible for Medicare Part

How to Fill Out CMS HCFA 1500 Forms

Medical billing is a lucrative business that can be done from home. The CMS HCFA 1500 claim form is the approved form for use by physicians, physical therapists and facilities such as durable medical equipment companies to inform insurance companies of services or products received by patients. You

How do I Compare Various National Health Plans?

The abundance of health insurance plans that offer national service coverage is something that causes a moment of pause for consumers. Trying to wade through the various plans and their individual offerings can be a somewhat daunting task. making the right decision regarding the selecting a health i

A List of Medicare Supplemental Plans in North Carolina

Medicare is a health insurance plan administered by the federal government and individual U.S. states, generally used by citizens aged 65 or older. Medicare Part A, called traditional Medicare, is often provided free of premiums. Part A mostly handles inpatient hospital services but does...