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How to Locate a Voting Precinct

To streamline the election process, states assign registered voters specific voting precincts. Voters are required to vote at the assigned precinct and failure to do so can result in unnecessary hassle and delay. Accordingly, it is important to know the location of your voting precinct in advance of

How to Find a Voting Precinct in Your Area

Voter participation in the election process is what keeps federal, state and local governments running. If you wish to vote in an election, you must know what the precincts are in your area and where the polling places are located. Once you register to vote, you can travel to the polling place in yo

How to Inflate the BOSU Balance Trainer

BOSU is an acronym that stands for "both sides up." The BOSU ball has a flat, circular base with an inflatable dome. Use the BOSU with the dome side up or down to do a variety of strength, agility, balance and aerobic exercises. After buying your BOSU ball, you have to inflate the dome. Most BOSU pa

How to Find If a Resident's Address Exists

Periodically, you may need to verify the existence of a residential address. For example, you may simply want to ensure that the address information someone gave to you is correct. You may want to make sure that the address to an existing property is listed by the postal service. You can verify an a

Is Universal Healthcare a Good Idea?

With a country that is a self described beacon for the world we should not leave our citizens to suffer and die when poor fortune comes their way. We are a country that when times get rough we help our neighbors in knowing that any of us can run into bad situations as well. And this is in my opinion

The Role of School Governors

In a system of education that is provided by the state on an egalitarian basis through taxation, the government has an important supervisory role in ensuring the existence of national standards that can be implemented at a regional level by appropriate authorities. However, at the level of individua

Finally, Scientific Proof - An Elitist American Political Class Exists

Using the latest state level polling data from Gallup, this article ponders the possibility that a royalty-like, elitist political class has arisen in American, a class of citizens that have enriched themselves at taxpayer expense while simultaneously shutting themselves out from the hard economic r

Burgers, Fries And Ignorant Politics: Does Democracy Need An Overhaul?

America has become a confusing place for many people who are trying to decipher through the mess of politics that is inherent in a huge country that touts democracy. The Critical Review's (No. 1 Vol. 19) article Ignorance as a Starting Point: From Modest Epistemology to Realistic Political Theo

How Should The Us And South Korea Respond To The North Korean Provocation

The North Korean government has attacked another target in South Korea which has resulted in more deaths. This is the second such action in recent months. If the US and the South Korean governments don't take immediate action I am afraid that the next attack will be much worse.

Nigeria At A Political Crossroad

Another sustained season of OIL BOOM has marked Nigeria's return to civil rule since 9 years ago. But nothing could be compared with the last 12 months of mixed fortunes in the political destiny of my dearly beloved fatherland.How would it turn out this time? Could another OIL DOOM be lurking i

How Do You Find the Statue of Liberty With Time Travel on "Poptropica"?

The Statue Of Liberty is just one of the items you have to search for on Time Tangled Island in the online adventure game "Poptropica." After receiving a time travel device in the shape of a pocket watch from your future self, you have to visit various time periods and retrieve lost object

The Rights and Duties of Green Card Holders

Many people choose to come to the United States for the opportunities in employment, or to be with family members. Once residency has been granted, there are rights and duties for the green card holder to observe. Most count legal entry into this country as on honorable opportunity and want to obey

Controller And Auditor General Of India

The post of Controller and Auditor General of India was created to maintain and audit the accounts of the Government of India on behalf of the tax payers, under the Government of India Act 1936. I do not think there was any review of this post, except during emergency, when the work of accounts was

Of Racism

Arguments against the reasoning of Racism, and the reasons that cause virtue in an individual considered.

War in Iraq and Debate on International Terrorism

Before the United States went into remove Saddam we had opposition in Europe. Even though all knew he had murdered so many. The fact is the French put out a "Media Hit" on this nation, over the Iraq war. Then we find out about all the "Oil for Food Scandals."

Government Budgets And Finances

Wouldn't it be nice if our politicians would actually come up with plans and solutions, rather than simply search for "photo ops" and opportunities to spout more empty rhetoric. Of course, every one would like to pay less or no taxes, get optimum services, and have everything done tha

The 'Proposed' Regulation Gambit

A crackdown on political speech comes in the form of proposed regulations. Don't expect the regs to be finalized anytime soon.

Corporate And National Responsibility Towards Pollution

Global warming is becoming a major concern of business leaders, families, politicians and just about everyone else. The remarkable growth in world population and national economies has fed into the environment lots of toxic gases that are beginning to change the environment in which we live. This en