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Galactosemia Test

A galactosemia test is a blood or urine test that checks for three enzymes that are needed to change galactose, a sugar that is found in milk and milk products, into glucose, a sugar that your body uses for energy.

Generic Drugs and Drug Prices

Review some of the generic drugs that are commonly used in pediatrics and which may be good alternative for common childhood conditions, such as allergies, acne, eczema, ear infections, etc., when drug prices are a big concern.

Pediatric Epiglottitis

The widespread use of immunizations against Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) has significantly decreased the incidence of meningitis and sepsis caused by this invasive organism.

As Scooter Popularity Soars, So Do Injuries

Medical personnel and government agencies fear that this holiday season may not be so merry because of a small, lightweight aluminum contraption that has youngsters' eyes all aglow.

Kids With Chronic Illnesses Stay Active

Children with chronic diseases often don't see themselves as too sick to take part in physical activity, and that's good, a new study shows.

Finding A Nurturing Daycare Center

Many parents in communities throughout the Boston area look for Brookline daycare facilities that offer a nurturing environment similar to what they, as parents, provide at home for their child.More than routine maintenance, for parents seeking this type of family childcare, Brookline centers for ch

Baby Care: -a Baby Monitor Technology Includes A Simplex Radio Transmitter

A baby monitor is a device used to remotely listen the noises made by an infant. A baby monitor is primarily used to keep track of any problem with baby when the infant is asleep in a separate room or while one is away from the baby. A baby monitor is also known as a baby alarm.

Buying Stylish, Modern Kids Bedding Sets

Buying kids bedding sets not only ensures that you get every item you need to put on the bed it also ensures that every one of these items matches the others. Making sure you buy comfortable, safe bed

Diets That Help Children With Constipation

Constipation may occur in children due to a number of factors including a low-fiber diet, some medications, a birth defect or a disease, such as diabetes. If your child's constipation is accompanied with other symptoms--such as fever, swollen abdomen, bloody stool, weight loss or vomiting--bring you

What Is Male Breast Enlargement?

Learn about the causes of and treatment for gynecomastia, or breast development in males, which is common in teen boys as they go through puberty.

Wieght Loss Tips for Teens

Maintaining a healthy weight is an important part of being healthy and an admirable goal. It is important to reach this goal in a healthy and positive way. Although there are some instances when medical intervention or surgery may be necessary, many of us can achieve a healthy weight if armed with t