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Palin Like Bush

A funny captioned picture comparing Sarah Palin to George Bush.


A parody of the Obama hope poster featuring Bill Clinton and the word grope.

Fun Facts and Trivia

A law was passed in Nebraska in 1912 that really set down some hard rules of the road. Drivers in the country at night were required to stop every 150 yards, send up a skyrocket, ...

Putin Nostalgia

A political cartoon about Vladimir Putin resurrecting Stalin.

Jim Gaffigan - King Baby DVD Review

Check out a review of comedian Jim Gaffigan's 2009 stand-up special King Baby on DVD. Also available on CD from Comedy Central Records.

Ways in Which Dance Lessons Can Be Advantageous

Numerous lovers agree that they simply just do not spend plenty of individually time period in concert. Because of this they can increase separated or maybe at least be unhappy having the same kind of ...

Celebrities Provide The Third Answer: Fame With Power

The usual cynics choice is to ask, what would you rather have, fame without power or power without fame? Yet even a cursory look at contemporary society reveals that celebrities have managed to devise a third choice: fame with power.

Humor - The Scientific Perspective

Humor is one of the few fundamental social phenomena that has been common to all societies since the beginning of mankind. The lack of interest in the phenomenon of humor from academia is caused by ...

Bush's War on Warming

An editorial cartoon about Bush's backwards attempts to address global warming.

Clinton Hippies

A photo of Bill and Hillary Clinton as '60s hippies.