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May 2008 New Moon Seed New Projects this Month!

How to maximize the energies of the Taurus New Moon and the Scorpio or Wesak Full Moon.This is the strongest period of the year to *see*the veils between our physical world and other realms are very thin.It's an incredible time to meditate and seed new projects for the coming year with the huge

Will "Raajneeti" Help Katrina Kaif Get the National Awards?

In our last article on Katrina Kaif which was done on the request of one of her fans, we discussed many issues on the basis of the "prashna" horoscope. We also took help from her birth horoscope. We gave sufficient hints about the success of her forthcoming film "Raajneeti". The

Astrology for Everything in Life

Astrology is a definite way of knowing your future. Having misconceptions and disbeliefs do not give any benefits. Astrology shows light towards the future. Getting benefits from Astrology is a wise decision. It is just like visiting a Doctor to get medicine when you are sick.

Astrology - A Simple Reading

An astrological reading for one person could take up a whole chapter in a book.Hopefully, this simple reading will give you a decent idea of the power of astrology in telling something about a person's life.

China's Giant Earthquake Strikes on an 18 Day

Burma's huge cyclone hit on 5.3.2008 - an 18 Day. China's giant earthquake struck on 5.12.2008 - ALSO an 18 day. Chile's Chaiten Volcano, dormant for thousands of years, also erupted on 5.3.2008, the same day as Burma's Cyclone - an 18 day. This is absolutely NO coincidence. Here

Horoscope Predictions for 2013

Let us have a look at what the New Year has in store for us. A handsome majority of astrologers are looking ahead to 2013 as a year of happiness, peace and hope. The following horoscope for all twelve Zodiac signs will help you plan your upcoming year in a perfect way.

Understanding Immigration of Hispanic Population

Gemini is really a fun time to scan the news for the hot, controversial events and try to understand the bigger picture, the cosmic influence. So what's really happening, beneath the smoke and mirrors? Why don't Hispanics want to learn the English language? Surely there is a reason why Ame

New Moon in Leo Horoscope: July 30 2011

The Horoscope of the New Moon in Leo is important since Leo represents the rulers, the monarchs and the dictators that are being opposed right now. The sun moon conjunction is conjunct Venus adding warmth and kindness to this new moon, reminding everyone to enjoy life and all the good things it can

Numerology's Power Number - How Life Influences Us

Ever feel like Life is driving you in some way, pushing you towards some achievement or role, despite your own desires?Numerology can tell us how this influence may manifest- what this achievement may be.We just need to calculate your Power number.

The Mystery of Hillary Clinton's Astrology Chart

As the 2008 Presidential race heats up, astrologers are somewhat at a loss in making predictions because two of the major players' birth times are unknown-Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama.For Hillary, the two most commonly given times are 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. The two charts--Gemini rising vs.

Islamic Smss And Why To Send Them

People are generally not aware of what Islam is all about and there in an urgent need to clear the minds of people as things are often twisted to take advantage of people who do not understand religion well.