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Leaf Blowers For Home Landscaping

A lot of homes across the country have many yard maintenance tools. One of the pieces equipment that may be included is a leaf blower. Depending on where you live, the amount of leaves that fall every year may differ greatly. However, a leaf blower works well no matter the area and certainly beats u

Why You Need A Hammer Drill Of The Hilti Brand

Drilling small holes in various areas would be quite a challenge without the proper tools such as the Hilti hammer drill. This articles discusses some of the reasons why everyone needs a Hilti hammer drill to achieve certain fix-it tasks around the house.

John Deere 1332DDE Snow Blower Specifications

The John Deere 1332DDE is a high-powered snowblower.Carson Ganci / Design Pics/Valueline/Getty ImagesThe John Deere 1332DDE is a large and high-powered snowblower, as the engine has a displacement rate comparable to a small motorcycle. This snowblower is for the toughest snow removal...

How to Put New Line on a String Trimmer

The line in a string trimmer is wound on a spool that is inserted into the cutting head. As the line cuts, it will wear out and break off. New line is fed from the spool, usually by tapping the cutting head on the ground. Eventually, the line will be used up and need to be replaced.

How Do I Replace the Auger Belt in a Craftsman Model 287.8845 Snow Blower?

Properly maintained, Craftsman snow throwers are dynamic and resilient machines, able to rapidly move large amounts of snow. The auger belts absorb much of the tension your Craftsman experiences while in operation as they turn and flex. It is vital to maintain the snow thrower auger belts, but ultim

Find Good Quality Tools For Lower Prices

Buying lower prices does always mean that you avail of poor quality products. It only indicates wise consumerism. This article offers you some tips to help you make excellent deals.

How to Kill Crabgrass in Southern California

Reading about weed management in turf grass is enough to make a gardener feel guilty. If you have crabgrass in your lawn, according to the experts at the University of California, it is your own fault. Either you didn't prepare the soil properly before planting or you don't take care of the existing

Gas Powered Pole Saw Versus Gas Powered Chainsaw

What do both the gas powered pole saw and gas powered chainsaw have in common, that's right they both cut things and they both run on gas. When deciding on what type of saw to purchase one simply need's weigh one's options and consider what type of saw best fits your need. My recommen

5 Things You Should Know About Aluminum Towers

Almost every household owner would want to go out and look for an aluminum tower to get so many tasks done at home - anything from reaching the loft, the attic or the ceiling to complicated repairs, painting, fixing and other such needs. However there are certain things you must know about aluminum

Leaf Vacuums For Autumn

When autumn rolls around, nothing is more helpful than a leaf vacuum to clean up those leaves in the yard. It is like having a vacuum cleaner used outside for the leaves.

Beginner Projects Woodworking - Woodworking Power Tools

When you are starting out with your projects, woodworking power tools are going to be important. You will need to understand each tool and know how to use it in order to advance your skills. Do not worry, though, there are really only 7 major woodworking power tools that you will be using.

What is a Solenoid Valve

A solenoid valve is an electromechanical device which allows for an electrical device to control the flow of a gas or liquid. The electrical device causes a current to flow through a coil located on t

Different Kinds of Measuring Tools For Woodworking

The most popular measuring tool is a retractable steel rule. Most are cheap, versatile, easy to use and widely available. They are generally accurate to within 1mm which is good enough for cutting wood to size.

How to Restring an Electric String Trimmer

Electric string trimmers require frequent restringing because the thin, plastic line breaks quickly when it hits hard surfaces like rocks, fences or sidewalks. These plastic strings come in many shapes, like square, circle or diamond, and a wide array of diameters. Common diameters for electric mode

Stanley 25

For anyone who is looking for an excellent as well as sturdy storage containers, you might do a whole lot worse as compared to choose the Stanley 25 - or be a little more specific the Stanley twenty five Flexible Deep Compartment Storage Organiser. This particular organiser possesses an integrated h