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Saltwater Pools Vs. Chlorine

In the world of swimming pools, the chlorine debate is a big one. Chlorine has been used to maintain pools for years. This is partially because it's a reliable means to keep water sanitary. But the drawbacks include irritation of the eyes, bad-tasting water, and having lighter hair bleached a str


A definition of the aquarium term Anabantid

The Best Upgrade to Consider for Your Swimming Pool Renovation

It is not an easy task to renovate one's swimming pool. Making this decision requires the necessary knowledge and the effort to do your research about the little details of the project. But with the advancements in the swimming pool technology today, the renovations that you would make are prob

4 Useful Steps for Pool Care

Pools are intended for relaxing and having fun, not working and cleaning. So, by planning a regular schedule of pool maintenance it is possible to simplify the cleaning process and cut the time required to complete the work.

How to Build a Water Tube Slide

Create a new dynamic to family cookouts and swim parties. Adding a water tube slide to your home pool adds a fun and vibrant atmosphere for kids when playing in the pool. With a few tools, you can build a pool slide rather than purchasing one. Also, you can reduce the costs of professional installat

How to Keep Frogs Out of My Swimming Pool

Swimming pools can attract all sorts of wildlife if you're not careful. The constant moisture can foster mold and algae if the water is not properly chlorinated, and insects along with other creatures may find their way into the pool water. This is especially true if there are a lot of trees or gras

How do I Replace a Standpipe in a Hayward Swimpro Sand Filter?

Your pool's sand filter works in sync with pool water chemicals to keep your water clean and pleasant to swim in. The Hayward Swim Pro sand filter works by passing water through a standpipe, out of multiple lateral units and into sand for filtration. If you notice the returns are spewing sand into y

Styles of Compost Mixers

Using a compost mixer is a good way to get the benefits of compost for your garden without the mess of a large bin or pile. Compost mixers keep compost waste out of the way and, when used properly, will turn and aerate your household organic waste -- like lawn clippings, eggshells and coffee grounds

Decommissioning a Swimming Pool

Summer is ending and you want to close your pool for the winter. How you decommission your pool is important to the quality and life of your vinyl, cement or tile. Proper decommissioning makes opening your pool the next season easy.

How to Winterize an Intex Metal Framed Pool

Some people prefer to leave their outdoor swimming pool up all year round. If you live in an area where winter temperatures fall below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, you risk damage to your pool as the material of the pool becomes brittle in low temperatures. To winterize your Intex metal-framed pool, empty

Sauna Cabins - What to Look For

If you want an outdoor sauna, then the obvious solution is to fit a sauna room into a log or cut timber cabin. This article runs through the main factors to consider if you are thinking of going down this route.

How to Winterize Your Hot Tub - Winterizing a Spa

Living in a city that has four seasons is great, but when winter comes along with freezing temperatures, certain precautions must be taken to winterize outdoor ponds, water supplies, pools and hot tubs. How to winterize a hot tub spa if you decide to drain it over some of the winter requires a local

Saltillo-Tile Patio

A wrought iron patio dining set placed on a front patio of a home allows its owners to visit with neighbors and passers-by.

How to Fix Hayward Pool Pumps

A Hayward pump can come in many different styles and models. Hayward pumps may be used with both above- and in-ground swimming pools, depending on the model you select. At times these pumps may not work perfectly. Instead of replacing your pump completely, you can repair it yourself at home without

What Can You Use to Sanitize Pool Water?

New, or even veteran, swimming pool owners often worry about just which method of pool water sanitation will work best for them. The most common swimming pool water sanitation process involves chlorine, and it has a great many advantages. Another way to sanitize swimming pool water is to use bromine

Why You Should Install a Pool Fence

If you are considering the purchase of a new backyard swimming pool, you may also want to add some additional funds for a pool fence. Now, you may be wondering, why in the world would I want to build a fence? Besides the cost, it can also look tacky. This article is going to provide two reasons why

Silver Shark

A profile of the Silver Shark, including habitat, care, feeding, and breeding.

Uses for Old Pool Liners

Don't throw an old pool liner away since it has other uses.woman swimming image by nextrecord from Fotolia.comWhen it comes to old pool liners, the old adage "Waste not want not" is applicable. On the surface it may look like just a piece of trash, having small holes and outliving its...