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Building a Fence Gate

Fence gates are uncomplicated to build yet serve an important role in landscape design. Gates can be sophisticated or rustic, depending on the style of fence they are attached to. Any number of materials can be used to construct a gate, but wood is the most popular. If the gate is being used as an e

How to Build a Mortise Fence

Mortise fences, sometimes known as mortise and tenon fences, are a type of rustic or informal fencing that generally act as a boundary marker or are installed for ornamental purposes. There are a handful of possible mortise variations, including side-by-side rustic joints, where the ends of the rail

Home Decorating Ideas With Wooden Porch Swings

All porch swings are wonderful to in relaxation. Some are even make for two people to relax in. Wood porch swings are a fun and attractive way to add some color to your porch or deck for your. They make all different color cushions to fit just right. All our most porch swings are nice to have. Most

How to Treat Your Yard for Hookworms

Hookworms are a parasite that infects mostly dogs, but sometimes cats and very infrequently humans. The hookworms move into the animal's intestine and cause blood loss, infection and possibly death. Hookworms are carried in animal feces and are transferred through ingestion, the skin or nursing. A h

Prevention of Wild Violets

Wild violets grow from 2 to 12 inches tall and produce white or purple flowers. Although these flowers prefer moist, shady areas, established plants can survive in dry, sunny conditions. According to the University of Massachusetts Extension, it is easier to prevent the spread of wild violets than t

Outdoor Fireplace - Which Kind Works For You?

An outdoor gas fireplace is the perfect outdoor accessory. It's attractive, with its sleek profile and heat efficiency. You can have all of the warmth and allure of an outdoor campfire, without the space requirements of the much more cumbersome masonry wood-burning outdoor fireplace.

How to Decorate Cottage Porches

Decorating a porch in cottage style creates a warm, welcoming ambiance, characteristic of cottage homes. Consider the design style of your porch -- screened, covered, open or enclosed -- and its protection from the elements. Contemplate the intended use of your porch. Using your open, covered porch

Learn About Cats Here With These Easy Tips!

No amount of articles can prepare you for raising your first cat! This is a wonderful and exciting experience that you may only have once in life. Make every moment count by having fun with ...

Types of Stone Fire Pits

Cooking outside has been a treat for many American families for a long time. There are many methods to cook outside, but the one of the most attractive methods for any yard is the use of a stone fire pit. Stone fire pits not only look nice in your backyard, but they can help you achieve the grilled

My Dill Plant Is Drooping

Dill is one of the easiest garden herbs to grow. A drooping plant rarely indicates disease, but rather improper growing conditions or even a normal part of the plant's life cycle. Remedy both problems by planting dill seed throughout the summer. Use the tangy leaves and flowers in salads, pickles, s

About Lawn Care

Many homeowners take pride in their lush, green lawns. It is an indication that they take care of their properties and they have the skills needed to make their lawns look nice. Fortunately, lawn care is easier than it looks. You can have a lush, green lawn if you take some extra time and patience.

Water Gardens Exposed

Whether you are considering a water feature for your home or whether you build them for a living, this article is for you. There are increasingly greater numbers of people arriving at the startling revelation ...

How to Cut Your Lawn Like the Baseball Stadium

Treat your lawn as a blank canvas to create designs in your grass just as they do in baseball stadiums. Mowing a lawn in different directions creates the illusion of different colored stripes. The bends in the grass reflect the sun or create shadows, creating the lines needed for the designs. Begin

How to Dispose of Toilets in Georgia

In 2010, Georgia has no statewide policy toward disposing or recycling old toilets, which means that Georgia homeowners should check with their municipal waste department to see how to handle toilet disposal. Porcelain from toilets can be recycled into new porcelain items or crushed and used as grav

How to Create a Worm Bin

Creating a worm bin is a simple and inexpensive process that will allow anyone, regardless of how much space they have, to create their own composting area indoors or outside. Urban gardening has become a major trend in cities for those who want to keep a garden but do not have enough space for a tr

Railway Sleepers- The Right Choice For My Landscape

Nowadays, landscapers, builders and garden designers discovered the many functions of railway sleepers. They choose these kind of material for their stonework in the garden for it gives them many options in using the sleepers. ...

Does Pink Muhly Grass Grow Flowers?

Few plants are as deceiving in appearance as pink muhly grass (Muhlenbergia capillaris). Its finely textured foliage and hazy pink flowers give this native grass a delicate charm, but in reality muhly grass is a tough, drought-resistant perennial that's perfectly at home in hot, sandy sites and dry

Video: Controlling a Hydrangea's Size

Video Transcript Still with hydrangeas, this is Nicholas Staddon from Monrovia Nursery. We are going to talk about controlling a Hydrangea's size. Now there's a topic of conversation. Controlling a Hydrangea's size is not difficult. First and foremost you can buy smaller varieties,...

Construction Plans & Techniques for Retaining Walls for Patios

Retaining walls planned and constructed in conjunction with patios are one of the most pleasing landscape features for the homeowner. When planned with sensitivity, they become a valued architectural addition for the property. Take advantage of the different levels created by retaining walls to cons