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How to Get Rid of the Smell From Burnt Toast

Accidents happen---you forget you were cooking toast and suddenly your bread has turned from golden brown to a charred black. Unfortunately the smell of burnt toast can linger in the room long after you've dumped the evidence. The key to removing the odor is a combination of using odor neutralizers

How to Clean Burned Glass Bakeware

When dinner is over and the casserole dish is empty, you find yourself faced with piece of glass bakeware marked by burned-on food. Simply washing the bakeware won't remove the burned-on substance and its unsightly appearance. Yet, instead of scrubbing aimlessly at the burned-on food, or possibly sc

How to Use Jet Dry Rinse Agent

Jet-Dry Rinse Agent is used in your dishwasher to get rid of residue from food, water and detergent that is often left behind on your dishes. Without using Jet-Dry Rinse Agent in each dishwasher cycle, you may find your dishes appearing cloudy or spotted. Use Jet-Dry Rinse Agent properly so each loa

How to Remove White Out Off the Floor

"Wite-Out," sometimes spelled "White Out," was created in 1966 by George Kloosterhouse and Edwin Johanknecht. It was the first correction fluid for photostatic copying paper. In 1992, Wite-Out Products, Inc. was acquired by the BIC Corporation. While Wite-Out remains an effective method for correcti

How to Make a Window Prism

Even though you cannot see the colors in light, when it is bent by another element, paricularly glass or water, the colors separate to create a rainbow effect. A prism is typically made from glass or plastic and allows the light to separate. Hanging a prism in your window can create a rainbow effect

How to Get Rid of a Burn Smell in a Microwave Oven

A microwave oven is often the go-to appliance in the kitchen. Whether you want to reheat last night's dinner or pop a bag of popcorn, the microwave will get the job done quickly. Unfortunately, when food items are overheated in the microwave, they can leave a burnt smell inside the appliance. This s

How to Remove a Tea Stain on Plastic

Tea stains can make the cleanest plastic cups look dirty. They also tend to be fairly immune to traditional methods of cleaning, like scrubbing and heavy soap. Of course, if you are dealing with white plastic you can always bleach it, but colored plastics will suffer from this treatment. Instead of

How to Minimize Housework

These housecleaning tips are not revelations. They're simply a compilation of tricks discovered by busy moms. People will remark how great your house looks. Little do they know how little work it takes!

About Cement Stains

Concrete is a versatile, practical building material, but unfinished concrete can look pretty plain. Fortunately there are a few different concrete finishing products on the market that can give your plain concrete an attractive finished look.

How to Remove Wax From Carpeting

Few things are as relaxing as dining by candlelight. And few things are more irksome than finding drippings on your carpet the next morning. Don't stress. You can fix this pesky problem fast.

How to Clean a Kitchen Ceiling That Is Covered in Smoke

If you were able to stop a kitchen fire and salvage some of the items in your kitchen, you might still be left with a scorched and smoke-covered kitchen ceiling. If the ceiling shows any physical damage, contact a professional carpenter to replace the ceiling material. If not, clean the smoke damage

How to Get Soap Streaks off of Jackets

As counterintuitive as may seem, you may find yourself in the position where you actually have to clean soap off of a jacket. On those rare occasions, however, take comfort in knowing that you can easily remove those soap streaks with common items found at any grocery store. So grab that jacket; it'

How to Clean a Tiled Shower

While they give a beautiful appearance, tile walls and floors in a shower room can be high maintenance when it comes to cleaning. Regular exposure to moist conditions and dirt, combined with the porous surface of tiles and grout, create an ideal situation for stains and mildew. Improper cleaning sup

The Best Way to Remove Mildew From Material

Mildew is a type of mold that has a heavy, musty odor and is caused by damp, warm conditions. Mildew will also eat through fabric and other materials if not treated right away. To prevent the growth of mildew in your home, keep poorly lit areas dry and well-ventilated. Articles such as shower curtai

How to Get Rid of a Gas Spill

A fuel made from refined petroleum, gasoline is a flammable liquid that features pungent fumes that are themselves flammable. Excessive contact with gas and its fumes can cause dizziness, fatigue, nausea and headaches. When gasoline spills on surfaces, removing it improperly can be a dangerous job.

My STIHL 041 Won't Start

Operating problems on the Stihl 041 vary widely in complexity and in their symptoms. It is helpful to classify these problems into three separate engine functions--spark, compression and fuel-related problems. But most "it won't start problems," according to M & D's article on small engine repair, a

How to Remove Paint Dripping From Drywall

When you're painting drywall and put an excessive amount of paint on your paintbrush or roller, it may result in paint drips on the wall. Wet paint drips look like raindrops cascading down a window. Dry paint looks like raised bumps on the surface of the drywall. You can remove both types of paint d

How to Remove Wallpaper From Sheetrock

Gypsum powder compressed and sandwiched between two pieces of paper makes up Sheetrock. People often find wallpaper notoriously difficult to remove from Sheetrock, which is also called drywall. Because some wallpaper includes more than one layer, removal can be difficult and time-consuming.

Cerama Bryte Stainless Steel Cleaning

Stainless steel appliances are as beautiful as they are durable. Some cleaners can leave streaks while other cleaners do not leave stainless steel appliances shiny. Cerama Bryte products are formulated to clean, shine, remove discoloration, and protect.