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How to Remove Rust From a Mobile Home Roof

Many mobile homes have metal corrugated roofs with raised ridges. Although these roof's are fairly durable, they require periodic sealing to protect from moisture. If the proper maintenance is not performed, water stands on the metal and corrodes it, causing rust spots. To remove the rust form a mob

How to Cover Tile Backsplashes

There are all kinds of ways to cover the wall behind your kitchen sink, but there's never really been an improvement over the old standard of hard tiles. A tile backsplash protects the wall from errant moisture from the sink, while providing a decorative element to the whole room. Start with a clean

How to Calculate Area in Square Feet

Calculating area will give you a good estimate of how large a space you are dealing with. To calculate area, you must multiply a certain amount times another amount in the same unit. This action squares the unit. As long as your units are the same (feet, yards, inches), it will be squared. As such,

Types of Kitchen Counter Surfaces

Counters can create an elegant and bold statement in your kitchen. Durable and heat-resistant, granite is a popular counter surface material that will jazz up any kitchen. With so many different surfaces to choose from, you can match the surface to your existing decor, creating a one-of-a-kind desig

How to Mix Big Flat Rocks With River Rocks for a Wall

You can mix big flat rocks with river rocks to create an indoor or outdoor wall. River rocks are those which are smooth and rounded by the water. Flat rocks are typically found on land and are made of horizontal layers of sediment that are compressed over time. Because of the juxtaposition of flat a

How to Remove Ceramic Tile Flooring From a Bathroom

Removing a ceramic tile floor in a bathroom is a difficult task because it requires a lot of force and breakage of tiles but also requires that you protect the tub and sink from damage. Remember that ceramic breaks in basically the same manner as glass, leaving sharp shards that can cut people and m

How to Redo a Shower Stall & Base

Redoing a shower stall and base is a major project requiring several hours of time. It starts with a demolition of the existing shower stall and ends with a replacement of the showering unit. If you have never taken on a project of this size, leave it to the pros. However, if you want to challenge y

The Style of a Kitchen in the 1940s

You have decided to go retro and design your kitchen based on popular kitchen styles of the 1940s. Top colors in the 1940s included red and white, Air Force and Navy blue, bright yellow and kelly green. Another popular color scheme during this time was rose and gray.

How to Make an Invisible Patch in Drywall Ceililng

Patching and taping drywall on a ceiling utilizes the same techniques as on walls, but it is more challenging for a number of reasons. First, gravity is working against you, so you have to be careful to properly apply the tape and joint compound to prevent it from falling down or sagging. Second, yo

How to Install a Concrete Mission S Tile Roof

In Spain, many roofs have the classic red, clay tiles that are so beautiful. Today, you can install the equivalent that's made of concrete. This article discusses issues that must be considered when installing a concrete mission S tile roof.

How to Sand a Plywood Subfloor Prior to Hardwood Installation

New hardwood floors can make a house look brand-new. A durable and well-prepared subfloor is vital to the look and stability of hardwood floors installed above the subfloor. A hardwood floor needs a clean, dry and level subfloor for the hardwood planks to have the best look. A drum or floor sander c

How to Install a Lightning Rod System

Lightning rod systems add a layer of fire protection and coverage of electronic devices for houses in the event they are struck by a bolt of lightning. The rods and heavy cables divert current away from a house and into the ground, where the intense energy dissipates safely without damaging the home

How to Refinish Particle Board Cabinet Doors

Particle board is a good, solid furniture material, but it generally can’t be sanded and stained. Finding a creative way to refinish a particle board cabinet can be a challenge. One option is a process of making it look old and battered. This is called a “distressed” finish, and it

How to Buff Floors With a Buffer

Glossy, sparkling floors are an immediate sign to all who visit that you take good care of your home. While you may be content to just sweep and mop your floors, using a buffer is the extra expense of time and energy which can make all the difference. Buffing your floors can camouflage an older look

How to Convert Furniture to Bathroom Vanity

Converting an old piece of furniture into a bathroom vanity is a good way to bring a personal touch into the room. An antique can bring back the feel of yesteryear while a fun hand-painted piece can bring a bit of quirkiness or a Mission-style piece can give a bit of contemporary flare.The de

Bamboo Shade Ideas for a Recreation Room

Use bamboo to create shade overhead, on windows or on panels in your recreation room.bamboo image by hans slegers from Fotolia.comAccording to, a sixty-foot bamboo tree cut for market takes only 59 days to replace, whereas other trees the same height take 60 years to...

How to Calculate Surface Area of an Oval Pool

Calculation of the surface area for an oval pool is not as straightforward as for a rectangular one. An oval represents the geometrical shape called an ellipse, and its area needs to be determined using the mathematical constant "pi." If you know the pool's surface area, it is possible to estimate t

Properties of Steel Beams

Steel has a number of advantages as a building material. It is very durable, flexible, stable, and lightweight. In addition, it is easily formed and welded. Steel beams provide strong and versatile structural support for buildings.

Repairing a Plaster Cove in the Ceiling

A plaster cove is an architectural detail found in many homes. Plaster, while durable and hard, is prone to cracking thanks to its very sturdiness. It doesn't move or bend when the house settles or expands and contracts, and as such, cracks can frequently appear, particularly in stress areas like co

DIY Soundproofing Material

Soundproofing is the process of trying to control the amount of sound that escapes from a room or the amount of sound that leaks into a room. There are only three ways to stop noise. First, you need to create space between the source of the sound and the listener. Next, mass is needed to help abs