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Pointers For Heirloom Sewing

Heirloom sewing is lovely! It also requires some special sewing techniques and supplies to achieve that look. This article provides you with numerous tips to make your heirloom sewing projects successful and fun.

Caring for Your Scrapbook Materials

When handled carefully, your memorabilia can look its best even after years of display. Here are some tips to keep your treasures safe...

Cake Decoration Supplies You Did Not Know You Had

While cake decorators do need a certain amount of cake decoration supplies on hand, sometimes we find ourselves in a pinch when faced with a last-minute baking assignment. Here are some quick cake decorating techniques that you can have a lot of fun with, and you can probably find a suitable solutio

Mammy Banks, Front View

When something becomes a hot collectible, reproductions are sure to follow. Compare the real vs the fake Mammy bank.

Olympic Athletes Turned to Nesting Dolls

The article describes some great nesting doll ideas that have stemmed from the Olympics.Men's Basketball, Michael Phelps and the dancers at the opening ceremony would all make great doll sets.

How To Build Your Own Remote Control Helicopter

As they say if you want things done right then you better do it yourself. Instead of spending a lot of money to acquisition a rc helicopter which might not be of the best quality that you want, then it is better to make your own helicopter.

Soy Pillar Candles Are Better - Three Reasons Why!

Soy candles have made quite an impact on the candle industry over the past decade. An even newer development in the industry is soy pillar candles. To clarify, soy pillar candles are actually not 100% soy wax.

Guide To Breeding Your Model Toy Horse

Breeding a model toy horse sounds impossible: after all, how can a toy horse breed? The answer is simple. Breeding model horses is not about creating a new model horse, but instead it is about learning the intricacies of equine pedigrees and breeding.

Anchor Hocking's Fire-King & More

Well-known and prolific authors Gene and Cathy Florence have scoredanother hit with their third edition of Anchor Hocking's Fire-King Identification & ValueGuide.Excellent pictures, updated pricing and very easy to use price/value charts make thisa book worth adding to your bookshelf.

Consider Buying Toy Tractors For Your Kids

When educating a kid, talking to them or explaining to them some concepts of the things that are happening around us is still too difficult for them to understand. Most of the time, they would just look at you as if you are saying something gibberish.

Tremendous Benefits of Using Soywax Candles

If you are not so familiar with soywax candles then it just proper that you learn to identify first what soywax is to begin with. This is a kind of vegetable wax made from oil of soybeans. Usually after harvesting the said vegetable, it is being cleaned, cracked, de-hulled and lastly rolled into fla

Candle Wax Tips - Which Additive Should I Use?

Learn about various types of candle wax products available for your candle making projects, and how to use additives and why you need them. Also included is a brief history of candles wax dating back to the 13th century.

5 Fabulous Pool Party Crafts

We're going to Invite over friends and family for an ultimate summer pool party! Here are 5 fabulous crafts that you can make for a super fun pool party.

Syma S107 Helicopter Flight Times

There are many factors that dictate how much flight time you will get out of a Syma S107 micro helicopter. These factors in combination can have a great impact on the actual flight time. But what is the average flight time that you should expect from an S107? At what point do you determine that the