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Understanding the 3 Basic Guarantees of AC Repair

When purchasing an air conditioning unit, a buyer often looks at the features, aesthetics, and the price of an item. Things like availability of spare parts, cost of repair, and access to accredited service centers are often overlooked. However, since an air conditioning unit can be considered a lon

Location of the Pilot Light on a Whirlpool Gas Dryer

The pilot light on your gas Whirlpool dryer may go out for a few reasons -- either the gas supply was cut off, or there is a leak or clog in the supply line or a draft in the burner tube. Either way, your dryer will not heat until the pilot light is re-lit. If you don't know why your pilot light has

Are Wireless Speakers Replacing Conventional Speakers?

With many consumer electronics music market becoming more and more dynamic and mobile, many, manufacturers have shifted into wireless gadgets which cater to an increasingly mobile market. From cell phones to iPods, people feel the need to break free from their mundane everyday toys which tie them to

How to Choose a New Dryer

Whether you are replacing your current clothes dryer or you are buying one for the first time, it is a major purchase. As with any major appliance purchase, it is important to shop around for prices---but functionality is also important. To make a proper decision, you must know which features you ar

Looking for the Best Rice Cookers? They Are Not Cheap

Rice is a vital part of the diet of many cultures and with the current interest in avoiding obesity; rice is becoming more of a staple on the tables of Americans. We look for more ways to make rice delicious and tasty and of course, well cooked.

How to Clean an LCD TV Screen

Much like anything in your home, TV screens get dirty with fingerprints and dust and require a periodic cleaning. The LCD is not a glass plate, It's soft plastic, and you've got to treat it very delicately. Dust, dirt, smears and smudges can ruin your full enjoyment of your LCD screens, mo

How to Map Circuit Breakers

Knowing which breakers operate the circuits in your home can help speed up any new electrical installation, as well as help troubleshoot any electrical issues. Some electrical codes require that all the breakers in your panel be labeled with what they power. If you currently are unaware of what brea

How to Service Refrigerator Ice Makers

Several things could go wrong with your refrigerator ice maker. It could leak, make smaller ice cubes than usual or stop making ice cubes entirely. Fortunately, you should be able to service your refrigerator ice maker yourself, instead of paying for an expensive visit from a service professional. L

How to Change an Aquastat

Changing an aquastat if it wears out is necessary to keep a boiler working properly. The boiler aquastat is designed to be mounted on the side of the unit and controls the temperature of the water, keeping it at the required temperature. If the aquastat wears out, the water temperature can get too h

Is it Hard to Change a Panel on a Kenmore Dishwasher?

The front panel of your Kenmore dishwasher not only protects the interior components of the door, but also is the main cosmetic panel of the appliance. With a damaged panel, the appearance of your dishwasher suffers, and possibly your entire kitchen, too. The front panel on a Kenmore dishwasher is s

5 Important Considerations For a Solar Heating Installation

Even though your home wasn't originally designed to use solar power, converting it to use a solar heating system can be an efficient way to cut down your electricity bills significantly. However, you have to make the 5 important considerations for installing a solar heating system to maximize t

How to Troubleshoot a Bissell 3540-1

The Bissell PowerClean Upright Vacuum Cleaner, model number 3540-1, features 12 amps of power, a self-retracting vacuum hose, tool caddy, quick-release cord wrap and furniture protection guard. The machine comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty, so within that time frame, you need not worry a

How to Replace the Seal & Bearings on a Kenmore Washing Machine

Kenmore top load washing machines have a combined tub seal and bearing that keep the tub agitating freely without leaking water over your laundry room floor. Should the seal and bearing fail, your washer can develop a rumbling sound. Because the bearings and seal are located in the bottom of the tu

Why It Is Imperative to Have Outdoor Patio Heaters On Hand

For places having four seasons, it becomes imperative to have outdoor patio heaters on hand. Because if homeowners don't have any of these items the likelihood of being held indoors most of the time is very high. Patios, decks, porches or terraces can all turn out to be useless during the winte

What Size Underfloor Heating Mat Do I Need?

Want to fit underfloor heating mats in your bathroom, kitchen or conservatory but not sure how much matting you need? I will show you how to measure the area correctly.