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How to Read a Propane Gas Meter

Gas meters measure the flow and usage of either propane or natural gas. These meters use different measurement systems, but the most common types of meters used for propane gas are the rotary meters containing several dials and multiple pointer clock hands, or the digital readout meters. The digital

What You Need To Know About Home Theater Receivers

When a person watches television nowadays, they want only the best picture and everything else that goes with it. They also want access to many channels and the best audio that one can get.

4 Cracking Advantages of Having Heated Towel Rails

It is a matter of opinion, but the bathroom is often considered the most important room in the house. Certainly during the morning family rush to school and work it becomes busiest. That's why given its importance and the amount of time spent in it is important to ensure it is heated adequately

An Opinion on Wall-Mounted Hot Water Heaters

Wall-mounted hot water heaters are still more of a rarity. The “tall boy” conventional gas storage water heater is the ruling king of the water heater world. But who’s to say how long that will last. Wall-mounted hot water heaters are tankless, which is why they can be mounted on a

How to Remove the Top Panel of a Kenmore Dryer

When servicing a Kenmore dryer, it is almost always necessary to remove the top panel of the machine. The top panel is the first piece that must be removed to disassemble the dryer to reach serviceable components such as the dryer belt, motor, blower wheel, thermistor and dryer drum. The top panel i

Whole House Fan and How to Benefit From It

Many of my clients ask me about the big square box in the center section of the house's upper floor ceiling behind a set of self-closing louvers. It's a whole house fan and it can either benefit home owners or make living conditions worse.

Wireless TV Transmitter

Televisions are the most common appliances we have at home. They give a little fun to houses. They are used in watching movies, cartoons, game plays, etc. Normally, televisions have default channels being received in it. If you want an access to those channels coming abroad or from other places, you

KitchenAid KSCS25FVMS Refrigerator Review

For a refrigerator to pass the test with my family, it must have a few specific features before I will purchase it. Now, I am not obsessive about these must have items, I simply have a family that I have to feed. One fridge that did pass the test with our family, was the KitchenAid KSCS25FVMS refrig

Reliance Motor P56H5069 Specifications

Reliance is a brand of motor that is part of Baldor, a company that distributes a variety of hardware worldwide. The Reliance P56H5069 motor is a small engine that has a variety of applications.

How to Animate Your Christmas Lights

Indoor and outdoor Christmas lights can be animated without spending too much or without the need to be an expert lighting engineer. Most people can complete the task successfully, providing they purchase the right components, have a home computer capable of running the standard DMX (digital multipl

Choosing a Mini Fridge

Mini fridge has really become popular during recent times with more and more people interested to have one. There are indeed various uses that you can make of a mini fridge. For instance it can happen sometime when having a party that you will require some extra refrigeration system. This is where a

How to Replace a Limit Switch on a Lennox Merit Series G40UH(X)

Lennox Merit series G40UH(X) appliances are mid-efficiency, natural gas furnaces available in upflow and horizontal models. These furnaces contain internal safety devices, known as limit switches, used to prevent the appliance from overheating. When a limit switch senses temperatures above the facto

Wine Refrigerators

For a true wine connoisseur, the wine experience does not limit itself to just the taste. The wine should be of an optimum temperature to highlight its vintage flavor and taste. Wine refrigerators are specifically built for this purpose.

How to Remove the Motor Cover of a Canister Vacuum

Unlike upright vacuums that are one continuous device, canister-style vacuums have a separate head and wand that is connected to the main vacuum unit with a hose. Users hold the wand in one hand and the hose pulls the canister along with them. If a canister vacuum stops functioning properly, it may

How to Connect a Kenmore Dryer Exhaust With a Clamp

Whether connecting a rigid dryer duct or a flexible duct to the Kenmore dryer, it is necessary to secure the exhaust with clamps. The clamps resemble typical hose clamps that are on most other hoses. Once the exhaust duct is on the dryer, the clamp secures it in place and helps provide a tight seal.