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Inexpensive hearing aids for impeccable listening

Inexpensive hearing aids are all you need to listen better. Some brand new models are just emerging on the market. You can find innovative designs and sizes that will fit you well. If you are tired of

Why Do My Ears Ring And How To Proceed Regarding It?

Many individuals experience an occasional ringing with their ears which typically lasts just for a few minutes. However, if the ringing inside your ears doesn't disappear, it's possible that you are struggling with tinnitus.

Benefits and Risks of Reconstructive Ear Surgery

Reconstructive ear surgery can improve any number of problems connected with the appearance of the ears. Here we examine the benefits, potential risks and side effects of the plastic procedure.

How to Clear Out Congestion in Your Ear

Ear congestion is a blockage in the ear canal due to fluid or pressure on the ear, and it can happen to anyone. Usually it is caused by a sudden increase in ear pressure, such as changes in cabin pressure on an airplane. You might feel ear congestion also when you are recovering from a cold or an

Tinnitus Ear Ringing Treatments

Tinnitus ear ringing is a condition when you hear a noise in your ears due to external factors. Tinnitus can have a wide range of causes and first finding out which one caused your ringing in the ears is primary for curing your tinnitus.

What is a Hearing Dog?

Visually impaired people all over the country are helped in their everyday lives by guide dogs, but did you know that many deaf people are also having the lives made a little bit easier by our canine friends, in the form of hearing dogs? Hearing dogs, like guide dogs for the blind, give the deaf mor

Living With The Effects Of Tinnitus

Any attempt to fully describe the impact of tinnitus on a sufferers life is doomed to fall short of the mark. With no physical evidence to support the condition it is understandable that there will be

Is Ear Cholesteatoma Surgery Necessary

What is cholesteatoma in the ear? Well, it is the formation of a cyst or pouch that is accumulated inside the ear over a period of time and destroys the delicate bones surrounding the middle ear. This

Plaque Build-Up in Throat: Is it Possible?

Plaque build up in the throat is not possible. The bacteria that becomes plaque can only adhere to tooth enamel. There is another bacteria that produces what looks like plaque and can get caught in your tonsils. These plaque-like accumulations can cause severe throat irritation, bad breath, and some

Tinnitus Treatment - How to Finally Uncover the Solution to Tinnitus

If you seem to have had this problem for a long time and have changed your medication from the doctors more times than you care to remember its time to start thinking about a real tinnitus treatment that will banish the ringing in your ears. You may feel as if there might be no solution for the humm

Tinnitus Remedies - Alternative Tinnitus Remedies to Cure Ringing in the Ears

Around 95% of tinnitus victims who use conventional treatment never get permanent relief. But you can be in the 5% who do, if you utilise the benefits of alternative tinnitus remedies in a holistic way. Here you'll discover 6 alternative remedies for your tinnitus that you can start on today.

My Husband Has A Hearing Problem

'My husband has a hearing problem' is written in light of what can become a very serious disability. How do you treat a hearing problem? You're about to find out. If you, or someone you know

Wrinkle in Time

Each time you look into the mirror, in your subconscious mind perhaps think, 'Ah! Another new lines,' – 'This was not here yesterday,' or the extreme one 'I got more wrinkle than Chinese Shar Pei dog!

Avoiding Hearing Loss

Like anything, a person's body will experience decay and sooner or later parts of it will break down. For example, when parts of the ears don't work properly a person may start to experience hearing loss.

Effective Ear Protection For Swimmers

Many people suffer from swimming related ear problems. There are measure one can take to avoid conditions such as the dreaded 'swimmers ear'. Our experts show you how...

How to Stop Buzzing in Ears From Tinnitus

If you have ever experienced that odd buzzing or ringing sound in your ears then you know how frustrating it can be to avoid it and get through your day. Imagine how incredibly challenging it would be to overcome those noises if you had them all day and how quickly you would need to stop the buzzing

Tinnitus - The Proper Treatment to Cure

Tinnitus is a disorder that pertains to the interiors of the human ears. It leads to a very distressing situation which does not let the sufferer live in peace. Tinnitus is a disorder in which a person hears all sort of noises inside the ears which the others cannot hear from outside. As a result th

Middle Ear Effusion in Children

Ear infections are very common, especially among children under the age of 5, and they can be bothersome and painful. Most cases will clear up on their own after a few days, so patience is the key. There are some treatments that are used to help treat ear infections, particularly recurring cases, to