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Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women

Pregnant ladies do not have to rely on big baggy Maternity Halloween costumes are now smart and comfortable. Gone are the days that you had to wear shapeless baggy clothing at Halloween.

Egg Donation FAQ and Egg Donor FAQ

The use of donor eggs -- whether from family, friends or strangers -- by infertile patients undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) has risen in the last decade, and results have been favorable, with an increasing ...

Top 10 Don'ts When Planning a Surrogacy Arrangement

If you are considering attempting a surrogacy arrangement independently, there are many issues to consider. Often times, when trying to cut financial corners and when desperation and vulnerability are a part of the picture, some may find themselves in a courtroom fighting for their baby just because

How to Get Infertility Insurance

Infertility insurance is a little bit of a difficult concept. While infertility is not a rare condition as a portion of the overall population it affects relatively few. For insurance companies this simply means that it is not that important and not offered as part of their regular plan. The expense

Predicting the Gender of Your Baby - What You Can Do to Help Your Chances

The basis of all the theories for predicting the gender of your baby is that the sperm boy carrying chromosome the Y are different from the sperm girl carrying chromosome the X. Understanding the differences between them, will enable you to create an environment where the one will surpass the other,

The IVF Process

In vitro fertilization is often chosen among women that are having a difficult time conceiving. The process is not a complicated process and one that is used when the likelihood of a sperm fertilizing an egg is not positive. The process may also be performed when the oviducts of the woman are restri

How a Baby Develops From Two Cells to an Individual

This article describes how the baby develops from two cells to a fully grown up child. This is the miracle of nature how an individual is formed from mere two cells- the egg and the sperm.

Teen Births Rose in 2006

Teen birth rates, C-sections, and births to single moms are all on the rise, according to the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics.

How to Calculate Your Lunar Fertile Time

Women hoping to conceive become curious when hearing about a mysterious link between the lunar phases and a woman's fertility. In ancient times, women would observe the moon nightly to determine when to time intercourse to conceive, when to expect their periods to begin, and when to assume they were

Maternity Pillows - The Solution for Pregnant Moms Having Trouble Sleeping

While pregnant moms often have trouble sleeping due to the aches and pains associated with pregnancy, using a maternity pillow can alleviate those pains and help moms get a good night's sleep. Pregnant moms' changing bodies often make it hard to find a comfortable position to sleep and the

How Many Embryos Should One Transfer: The IVF Dilemma

Some wonna-be-moms want to have twins or triplets, especially those who have tried to conceive for a long time-after all, having more than one baby at the same time seems to compensate for the many months or years lost in waiting. Doctors, however, frown at such possibilities. The optimal outcome of

How to Fix Powdered Formula

Preparing powdered infant formula sounds fairly easy, but there are still a few things you need to know to keep your baby safe.

Ultrasound Photo Galleries

If you're looking for neat ultrasound photos from pregnancy, here you'll find all three trimesters.