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Premenstrual Leg Pain

Premenstrual syndrome is usually thought to encompass headaches, fatigue, bloating and most notoriously cramps. However, some women may also experience leg cramping, numbness and pain.

What to Do if You Tear Your Quadriceps Tendon

The quadriceps muscle is the large muscle of the front of the thigh. The quad tendon connects this muscle to the shin bone. Tears of the quad tendon limit strength of the leg and usually require surgery to repair the torn tendon.

Post Masectomy Exercises

If you recently went through a mastectomy surgery, exercise is probably not your first thought. However, following a mastectomy, specific exercises speed up the recovery process, both mentally and physically. The sooner you begin to introduce movement, the faster your body heals, provided you perfor

What Can I Do for a Pulled Muscle?

A pulled muscle is also known as a muscle sprain or strain and is usually caused by physically overworking a muscle that results in a tear or stretching of the muscle fibers, according to Mayo Clinic. The symptoms that normally occur are inflammation, bruising, inability to move the affected area an

History of Scoliosis

The term scoliosis comes from a Greek word meaning "crooked." The disease affects the spine, causing it to curve into an S-shape. The spine may also, in some cases, be rotated. The disease has existed for centuries, and with each passing century, human understanding and treatment for the condition h

12 Causes of Hip Pain

Hip pain is a common complaint that has many causes. Once the cause of your hip pain can be determined, appropriate treatment can begin.

Cell-Based ELISA Protocol

ELISA, or enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, is used as a diagnostic tool in medicine and in biological research to quantify the amount of a specific protein. ELISA uses antibodies to detect the protein of interest and a reagent that produces a color. The amount of color relates to the amount of pro

What's Involved In Reconstructive Foot Surgery?

When a patient is diagnosed with a server deformity due to birth defect, or trauma to the foot, it's best to consider all options. Knowing the right information about reconstructive foot surgery is important!

How to Treat Forearm Tendinitis

Tendinitis occurs when the cords that attach muscles to bones become inflamed. Forearm tendinitis is easily treated in the field with a combination of "HI-RICE" (hydration, ibuprofen, rest, ice, compression, elevation).

Corns on Toes - Get Rid of Those Buggers!

Corns on toes look very similarly to a callus, but the difference in these lie on where it appears. A callus is usually those that can be found at the bottom of the foot, while corns are thickening skin layers that are compressed together.

Foot Circles and Flexes Prevent Foot Pain

We seldom care about our feet, until and unless something serious happens to them. We even refrain from going to doctor for mild foot pain. When foot pain becomes intense then we think prevention and treatment. Our foot bears body weight all through the day whether we are jumping, walking, running o

My Toenail Fell Off - What To Do

I have heard so many people saying that their toenail fell off. What this means, how this is caused and how to prevent this will be covered in this article. This condition basically has two main causes. One is the traumatic falling off of the nail and the other can be due to certain systemic disease

What Should You Expect From a MRI?

The MRI machine, short for magnetic resonance imaging, is used for many common orthopedic problems. The MRI uses magnetic differences of tissues to create an image inside the body. The MRI has changed the way many orthopedic problems are diagnosed. Page 2.

How to Release More Water Weight

If you find that your best-fitting jeans are suddenly snug on your body, then you may be suffering from water retention, a condition in which fluids collect in your muscle and body tissues. Your body tends to retain fluids when your body isn't getting regularly hydrated, or you may be consuming too

With Foot Pain, Can Orthotics Get Rid Of My Neuropathy?

For foot pain many people suffer from neuropathy, or an impingement of nerves located in the back, hips and legs. Neuropathy is characterized by a tingling and prickly sensation in the lower extremities, which is most commonly seen in the legs and feet. One of the best ways to treat neuropathy is to

Ingrown Toenails: Causes and Treatment

When the a toenail begins to grow into the surrounding skin rather than across the nail bed, it can lead to infection and pain. For patients with circulatory issues, diabetes or toe numbness, ingrown toenails can actually pose a very serious risk of complication, up to and including loss of a limb.

Calf Muscle Injury Treatment

The calf muscles in a human being are two large muscle groups that extend from the knee region down to the heel. When these muscles experience tears, strains or pulls there is a specific treatment regimen that can help them to improve.