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How Hot Do You Cook Tomatoes to Pasteurize Them?

Home-canned tomatoes keep well and provide the basis for various recipes, but they must be processed before storing to ensure safety. Pasteurizing inactivates harmful bacteria and prevents them from growing in canned food products. Low-temperature pasteurization isn't appropriate for tomatoes, but y

How To Smoke Chicken

Whenever a family does not know what to make for dinner, chicken seems to be the old standby. If the same old chicken recipes are getting old, it might be fun to try making smoked chicken instead. It may sound complicated but, actually, smoking a chicken is just as simple as any other method of cook

Yummy Recipes With Edible Flowers

We are really lucky in Carnation, WA to have an awesome summer Farmer's Market every Tuesday. On a recent market day, they feature edible flowers and edible flower recipes.

Holiday Dessert Shortcuts From Some Real Experts

I was having lunch in my favorite Thai restaurant last week while waiting to discuss an order for hand embroidered Thai shirts for employees, and I had the privilege of being seated near enough to a group of eight ladies that I could clearly overhear their conversation.After the usual ice-breaker co

Healthy Recipes for Kids

Mom - More Veggies Please!This kid friendly recipes for vegetable soup & stars is a healthy andfun meals for kids to eat.Let the kids help you prepare this healthy soup.

Yellow Onion Vs. Green Onion

A lot of onion varieties are cultivated in different parts of the world. Aside from culinary purposes, some countries and communities use them as an herbal medicine. Two of the most widely used variants of onion in the United States are the yellow and green onion. Both have the tangy taste that make

How to Cook Ham in 7Up

Bake your ham in 7UP to take advantage of the sweet and acidic properties of the soda. Use 7UP as a meat tenderizer for your ham; the liquid will keep your ham from drying out in the oven. Combine the dry rub ingredients with the soda to create a sweet and tangy glaze on the ham. Serve a 7UP baked h

How to Produce Cheese Made From Cow, Sheep & Goat Milk

Homemade cheese-making is often thought to be a very difficult process. In actuality, fresh homemade cheese is relatively easy to make out of your kitchen with no need for special equipment. The flavor and fat content of cheese can be easily modified by using cream, skim milk, goat milk, sheep mil

Good Lunchbox Ideas

Are you having trouble getting your kids excited about their school lunch? It's easier to fix this problem than you might think. Perk up your child's lunch box with a few creative and easy tricks that are sure to have your little one looking forward to lunch time every day.

Barbeque Rub Basics

Need a great barbeque rub?How about creating your own.In this article I teach you how to create your own rub, from scratch.

Tea Cup Etiquette

Back during the turn of the century, there were so many different traditions, questions on what to say or do, or how to behave in certain situations that are closely related to tea cups and tea. Many of them have faded into the past like so much vapor, while some still hang in the air like smoke. Th

Emergency Meal Is Most Important Outdoor Camping Equipment

Emergency food makes ideal outdoor camping equipment and if you are going out for enjoyment without emergency preparedness then you are risking your life. It is mandatory to go prepared to meet an emergent situation ...

Explore The Endless Choices Of Wine Cellar Designs

Collecting wines is a hobby which is attracting people the world over. Individuals are incorporating wines increasingly into their special celebrations and occasions and also their meals. Thus, having a good collection at home be ...

Non-Alcoholic Beer Varieties - Must You Give Up Flavor To Reduce Alcohol?

Non-alcoholic beers are dismissed by many real beer enthusiasts as having no real flavor. But for those who are trying to cut back on their alcohol intake or who like the taste of beer, but not the fullness, your choices are many. What is the real scoop on these beers and which are considered the be

Video: How to Cook Chicken for Chicken Quesadillas

Video Transcript And now we're going to cook a traditional chicken quesadilla with my help my chef. We marinated the chicken breast for 1-2 days in oil and after he cuts he slices it and we're going to grill the chicken for a quesadilla. After we're going to put it on top of the...

What Are Flavored Teas?

The tradition of flavoring tea goes back many centuries. Nearly as long as tea has been made it has been flavored. However, it is said that the idea for flavoring tea came about as a bit of an accident. Many years ago tea gardeners in China planted other trees to provide shade and moisture for their