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Caregivers, Did You Know You Can Plan For Emergencies?

If you're taking care of a sick or disabled partner, parent or child, an emergency room visit can be a stressful and devastating experience. With a little advance planning, ER trips can be less common and less stressful. Here are six tips from the caregiving trenches.

How to Help the Elderly With Depression

As our parents age, we watch them lose their health, their friends and abilities. We may wonder or think that our aging parents or an elderly friend may be depressed but you may not be sure and if they were depressed, what would you do?

Self-Medication for the Cold and Flu Seasons

The winter season is upon us and that is when the colds and flu attack the body. This is the time of the year when all types of medicines, tablets and remedies are used.

Avoid Getting Sick This Winter

Winter is a bad time for colds and flu. I don't want to brag (okay, I kind of do) but I hardly ever get sick, even when everybody around me has come down with something. It never used to be this way. I used to get at least one cold and flue every winter.Here are Five Tips to Staying Illness-Fre

Be Your Own Patient Advocate Before Surgery

This article provides the reader with tools in how to be your own patient advocate when preparing for surgery. Readers will learn how to take care of their emotional health when planning for surgery. The article provides useful tips for ensuring one's sense of health and wellness going into sur

Elderly Care Options in Enfield, Connecticut

man in park image by Janet Wall from Fotolia.comChoosing a proper care specialist/home for a senior/elderly person is of the utmost importance. These caretakers will be responsible for the health and well-being of a senior/elder for an extended period. Fortunately, for those living in and...

A Shortcut to Medical Device Reimbursement in the UK

You plan on getting your product approved in Europe and complete the CE mark process relatively quickly. You know the UK presents the 2nd largest market for medical devices in Europe (alongside France) and you already have a few UK physicians interested in using your product. But, how can you get th

Installing a Home Stair Lift

Installing a home stair lift is the ideal solution to the mobility problems of the aged members in your family. Stair lifts for home use are designed with different controls, folding tracks, and more.

Health and Fitness for All - Some Issues

'Health and fitness' is probably one of the most commonly used pair of words. The popularity of this phrase and its universal appeal is a pointer to the growing awareness of the importance of health by people at large. Though the importance of health and fitness has been emphasized since t

HF RFID Enabled Sensors Now Available For Use in Hospitals and Healthcare

The recently released ANSI/HIBCC 4.0 standard, created by the Health Industry Business Communications Council provides guidance for use of item/package level data formatting for product identification plus recommends high and low frequencies for individual passive RFID tags in hospitals and healthca

What is Post Hospital Care?

Post hospital care for seniors is a Home Care service that will allow the family to be at peace after their love had a procedure at the hospital.

What Do You Need for Medical Transcription in British Columbia?

A medical transcriptionist listens to the recorded dictation of a medical professional and then translates that spoken word into a text document. British Columbia medical transcriptionists can work in areas of cardiology, respiratory care or many other specialties. Opportunities to work from home ar

Phillip Wassmerman The Unparalleled Life Insurance Coverage Authority

Car owners require always keep automatically informed about those discounts and insurance quotes. Auto Fault is came to the conclusion by the insurance coverage coverage company, not via the police expert that answered to help the scene.Look at my page; Phil Wasserman Biography

Healthcare Professionals Are Using Social Media More Than Ever

As social media becomes more and more a part of the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world, businesses and large industries are beginning to incorporate their usage into how they run their everyday business operations. The healthcare industry, which is one of the largest industries