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Are Steroids Effects Gender Biased?

Anabolic steroids are synthetically synthesized forms of hormones such as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. While the use of steroids are more common in men, but nowadays both men and women are taking up steroids to get maximum benefit of various steroids effects.

Oxazempam 30 mg

Oxazepam is used to relieve anxiety. It also is used to control agitation caused by alcohol withdrawal.

Smoking And The Brain

While the lungs seem to be at the centre of attention when it comes to the harm that smoking causes, do know that there are other organs that are also quite vulnerable to smoke infused damage. This includes your brain.

Food Fight: Frozen Yogurt Versus Regular Yogurt

Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria and is an excellent source of calcium. Find out if frozen yogurt is as nutritious as regular yogurt, and see how it compares to ice cream.

Making Sure You Don't Fall Back Into Old Smoking Habits

There are many ways to stop smoking, however trying to give up the habit is not an easy task. You need the right mindset a strong determination and a burning desire to overcome this negative and destructive tendency at any cost! Most importantly, once you quit, you have to stay quit!

Sober Houses - Getting a New Lease on Life

Alcohol and drug addiction should be fought at all times. They really hurt one's life. However the vice can be corrected through sober houses. There are options one can select from.

Refilling Your E Cigarette Cartridges

Smokeless Cigarettes are described as the best choice and option to stop tobacco smoking. Smokeless cigarettes are also called electronic cigarettes.

The Myth of Non Addictive Marijuana

There remains some lingering doubt about the true nature of marijuana addiction. Scientists now know that marijuana does induce a psychological addiction with heavy use. You get accustomed to the effects of the drug and eventually come to need these effects for normal functioning, but whether or not

Should Cigarettes be Legal

Let's assume that cigarettes have not been invented yet but some budding entrepreneur has stumbled across the formula for them. The following is the conversation with the Patent Office to register them: