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Woodland Plants That Thrive in Full Sun

Woodland clearings play home to plants that thrive in the sun.forest image by Jaroslav Pohl from Fotolia.comThe majority of woodland plant varieties require at least partial shade to grow because most of the sunlight in this setting gets filtered out by the canopy of trees. Many species,...

Why Buy Low Light Houseplants?

How many of us have felt the cold, drab atmosphere of winter? Plants have long been a symbol of hope and life, of vibrancy. These low light house plants can thrive in dark corners of your house and really spruce up the environment.

A Mockingbird's Diet

Best known for their ability to "mock" or imitate the sounds of other birds and wildlife, Mockingbirds (Mimus polyglottos) (many-tongued mimic) are often called the "American Nightingale". Their lovely song is a delightful sound that echos through marshes, forests and open woodlands. There are 17 di

How to Bargain for Furniture

With a shaky economy, it's easier than ever before to bargain for furniture, even at the swankiest of shops. And let's face it: most people love to get a good deal. Shoppers look for sale items, discounted goods or items sold in bulk. When it comes to furniture shopping, getting a good deal is param

The Origins of Herb and Spice Use in the Culinary Arts

There is no record when man first considered adding herbs to his diet. We know it probably happened before recorded history. We can speculate that some semi-intelligent being had tasted some of the plants growing outside his cave and then decided that they were not poisonous, but tasted pretty good.

Choosing this Seasons Tomato Seed

"I have never met a tomato I didn't like" I would bet there area probably hundreds of people that would agree with me on that point. In fact there are probably as many people ready to agree as there are different varieties of tomatoes available to grow. Visit your friendly garden shop

Planting Vegetables With Gophers

When your garden is invaded by gophers, you have many options to get rid of them. Gophers and vegetable gardens can coexist, but you have to outsmart the gophers. There are several ways to keep gophers away from the vegetables in your garden.

Composting Recycles Vegetable Garden Wastes

To make next year's vegetable garden even better than this year we have a few chores to do in the fall. If you take care of things at the end of the growing season, you'll have less disease to worry about and starting off next year will be easier. But what do you do with the leftover plant

Lucky Bamboo Plants Care Tips

Lucky Bamboo plants care tips are very easy and do not require too much time from the owner. In fact, these plants can grow for years without much effort from the owner.

How to Mix Powdered Fertilizer in a Hose End Sprayer

Hose end sprayers are commonly used to spread water-soluble plant food over both small and large areas. They are a convenient tool to use to water lawns and gardens and "feed" the area at the same time. Some hose end sprayers can be connected in line between two hoses so that the fertilizer can be s

Pests And The Organic Gardener

There's nothing like the glow of deep virtue that comes after the new organic gardener gives up poison sprays. You are increasing the health of your family, producing vegetables with a more delicious flavor, and ...

Great Gumamelas - Actually, They are Hibiscus

I did not know what to call them in this culture. I called them Hibiscus in the USA. I learned that they are called gumamelas here in the Philippines. I bought one and tried to raise it in this new country that I claim as my new home. Great success can from my efforts.

Growing Grape Cuttings: A Step-By-Step Guide

Growing grape cuttings is the best way to grow grapes. The main reason for this is because typically, cuttings obtain the characteristics of the grape vine where they come from, so you already have an idea of their ability to grow and bear fruit. Here is a step-by-step guide for you to follow.

How to Make Garden Party Luminaries

Luminaries, or numerous smaller festive outdoor lights, are becoming increasingly popular at all times of the year. It is believed that the tradition goes back thousands of years to holiday celebrations. Earlier in American history, colored lanterns from China were placed on the ground and lit with

How to Care for a Sago Plant

Sago palms (Cycas revoluta) are distinctive plants called cycads, which have existed for more than 150 million years, according to the Floridata website. While it may look like a palm tree, the sago palm is not one and must be cared for differently. Although sago palms grow slowly, they eventually r

Tips For How to Make a Topsy Turvy Planter

Discover an alternative method for growing your fruits and vegetables. Build your own upside-down (topsy turvy) planter to get rid of common problems like pests, weeds and over watering.