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Your Husband Does Not Love You Anymore - Are Your Doubts Justified?

Nothing 'apparently' has changed in your marriage. You still dine out with your husband once in a while; watch movies together and have a lovely time on weekends, etc. But of late, you have a nagging doubt that perhaps your husband dos not love you anymore.

Divorce Stories You Wouldn't Believe

When people talk about divorce you often hear the bad side about how people suffered and what a horrible ordeal it was. However, not all divorces are this way and some often go smoothly and ...

Study Finds That DVR Helps Relationship

Communication has always been up on the list of ingredients necessary to maintaining a good relationship.Faithfulness and loyalty are somewhat essential as well.My wife would like to throw in the ability for the man to follow orders makes for a happy household.

Are Free Divorce Forms Best For You?

If you have decided to end your marriage then you most likely have a lot on your mind. You may be wondering what you should do in order to set things in motion for your divorce proceedings, as painful as it may be.

My Marriage is in Trouble - What Can I Do to Save My Marriage?

A good marriage is a wonderful thing, but if your marriage is in trouble and is going through a tough spot it can be one of the most stressful experiences you'll ever go through in your life. Because of the range of different problems that can happen in a marriage there isn't one simple so

How to Save My Marriage From These 2 Common Marriage Problems

All marriages start off good and then eventually problems start showing themselves and a good marriage can quickly turn bad if you let it. The number of different problems that can turn a marriage bad are many, but two of the most common marriage problems are financial issues and not enough or no se

Child Custody Laws - An Overview

The main goal when a marriage ends and children are involved is to protect the rights of each child. If you have children and they are under the age of 18, it is up to you and the courts to make the proper decisions regarding their care. You might have heard the trend child custody or visitation rig

Signs of Love - Is it Love?

So many people, in the midst of powerful feelings, ask themselves if what they are experiencing is true love; or, they ask if the relationship they are in is a truly loving relationship. Finally, they may wonder if their partner or spouse truly loves them. I struggled with such questions myself unti

7 Tips to Handle Conflict in Married Life

The increasingly hectic and fast paced life is continuously posing threat to marriages. It is estimated that in United States, 2 million people file for divorce annually.

Marriage Trouble - Relationship Problems and Faux Marriage Counseling

The other day I met with someone who could have described her situation as being in 'marriage trouble'. But "relationship problems and what happened after marriage counseling" would be more accurate. Although she and her partner were not officially married they were together for

What are Reasons for Divorce?

Divorce happens for a wide range of reasons. There is some research that shows what the main reasons seem to be as to why people get a divorce. Many couples will consider marriage counseling before ...

Workaholics in Divorces

The changing technological landscape of the last decade has changed the ways people function in relationships. As electronic communication is seen by some as an appropriate means of staying in touch with a business client at all hours of the day, others few view the persistence of work-related activ

Marriage And Money Issues

Our outlook when it comes to money can change through marriage. Spending money is a little difficult resulting from being too mindful with the funds. Sadly, it may also imply two times the expenses."/

How to Document Newlywed Life

Get tips on how to keep track of the memories you and your spouse are making in your newlywed life.