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Mother Nature - The Laws of Mother Nature

As human beings we love to have a convenient and technologically advanced lifestyle. For most of us this is the reward for a lot of hard work in our lives. However, in the laws of Mother Nature everything comes at a cost. For instance, in the case of material goods they cost and consume the Earth&ap

Office Plants - The Ultimate Office Fighting Machines

You may not be aware of it but there is battle taking place in office buildings all over the world. On one side is the toxic gases produced by modern office equipment and on the other, a group of surprising heroes; regular office plants.

A Quarter Of The Worlds Population Is Without Safe Drinking Water

A quarter of the worlds population is without safe drinking water. Less than 1% of the water treated by public water systems is used for drinking and cooking. In the time it took you to read these first three facts another child has just died in the developing world from unsafe drinking water.

A Happy Earth Makes For a Happy Fish

Many people have laid a heavy amount of criticism on car companies for producing an endless stream of models that contribute to the world's growing pollution problem.Many people believe that fast food restaurants are to blame for the population's overall health and weight problem as they c

Simple Ways We Can All Help Save Our Water Resources

What would you say if someone were to ask you to predict the fate of our world should all of our water resources dry up? At this point, there's no way to produce synthetic water, so if all the world's water dried up, there would be no way to sustain any type of life. Therefore, we all need

Why Do We Need Carbon Offset Companies?

Many would wonder what carbon offsetting really means. Most of us would be dumbfounded with this technical term but simply put, carbon offsetting is the reduction of greenhouse emissions in order to compensate for emissions made from another source or location.

Planetary Suicide

Time is running out. More people must get motivated to demand stronger, faster government action to address climate change threats to the survival of humanity as we know it. A new book offers a great way to become better informed and motivated.

Ways To Make Recycling Easier For People Who Live In A Small Space

More and more people are learning that if we do not recycle everything we can, then this country and indeed the world could well be in major trouble in years to come. With landfills running out of space and raw natural materials running low, we simply have to do everything we can to stem the flow an

Tablets As Potential E-Waste

Tablets are quite a new phenomenon, and the number of tablets in the electronic waste statistics is still quite small, but history shows that it will catch up. How can we prepare for this upcoming trend responsibly to save mother earth?

How to Go Green: Simple and Easy Ways

As a bucket can be filled with water trickling drop by drop into it, similarly, even the slightest action on your part can bring a huge positive change on the environment. It is sad but true that man has already abused the environment a lot.

Be Green and Beat the Credit Crunch

In the current economic climate there aren't many of us who aren't trying to tighten our belts at least a little in order to make it easier to weather the storm. Whether this is out of necessity or caution, there are numerous ways we can all save money and, as an added bonus, being frugal

Pinus Pinea - Learn Interesting Facts About This Umbrella Pine

Have you ever seen a Pinus Pinea? Have you noticed the most abundant tree species along the Mediterranean area? Stop wondering about this coniferous tree. This article will make it clear about the pros and cons of the Pinus Pinea and you would be an expert at this once you are completed with this.

The Effects That Plastic Bags Have on Our Seas

Plastic bags have long been used for many purposes, but people do not always consider the effects that plastic bags have on our seas when they go to use one. According to a 2007 survey by Marine Conservation Society's Beachwatch survey, the equivalent of 45 plastic bags was found for each kilom

10 Ways To Be More Earth-Friendly

If we want future generations to enjoy the same pleasures of the Earth that we do, we need to learn more about how we can conserve our natural resources, reduce our energy consumption and help reduce global warming/

Find Out The Solar Energy Methods Which Are Being Hidden From You

There's no doubt that solar energy is great for the environment. You couldn't find a more sustainable energy source. However, you need to think over the money you have to use towards this kind of energy source. The following information will help you decide.

Eco Home - 5 Ways to Green Your Home

Everyone is buzzing about going green these days and the home is one of the best places to start. Since we spend so much time within our homes, it just makes sense to start being more eco-friendly there. Here, we'll look at five ways you and your family can start going green with an eco home.

Carbon Emissions Trading

Do we really know if carbon trading works or is the trading of carbon offsets just a sleight of hand? Do we really think this is the solution to reduce global warming?

Ways to Reduce the Manufacturing Carbon Footprint

Eco-minded manufacturers who worry that their processes may be emitting hazardous pollutants into the air, and thereby negatively impacting the environment, will be happy to know that there are steps they can take to reduce the carbon footprint they are leaving behind. Following are some ways to mak