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Catering Business, Should I Start and #63;

Are you a creative person who loves creating and designing enticing dishes that will get people excited? Then starting a catering business might just be up your alley. Why work for someone else making them ...

Medical Fundraiser Ideas

Medical fundraisers generate money for many reasons. Donations support research for cures, pay for surgery for unemployed sick persons and provide medical supplies and prescriptions for indigent communities with endemic disease. Rallying supporters for a cause is easier when the attention of donors

Profiting from Partnerships

1. Recently, a CPA, a banker, and a mergers and acquisitions specialist worked together to hold a seminar for individuals who want to turn a business idea into a startup. They had a great turnout ...

Businesses For Introverts: Profits From Cyberspace

Networking How-To Doesn't Have To Be A Mystery by Michael D. Hume, M.S. Lots of would-be entrepreneurs fail to get into business for themselves for one simple reason: they're introverts, and they're convinced you can't ...

What it Takes to Become a Dentist

To become a dentist, it takes a minimum of two years in an undergraduate program before applying for dental school. Students then must continue their education by enrolling in an accredited dental school program, which typically takes four more years to complete. Following dental school, students mu

The Difference Between Comfort And Success

Being comfortable is a basic human desire, but it's not a human need. At our most fundamental level, we all want to be comfortable. Being comfortable is a nice thing. But in order to survive, ...

Innovation Generates Sales

Innovation Motivates The Marketplace What is the driving force behind your business? If sales are off, what is lacking? Innovation, or the investigation and implementation of fresh ideas, is integral to the success of any ...

Success - Meet The Challenge Of Change

Once you have changed the way you think and have found your business challenge, you are ready to face the third and final challenge. The final challenge is to accept that becoming an entrepreneur can ...

How to Become a Part-Time Tool Distributor

To distinguish yourself as a part-time tool distributor you should offer tools, which are not easily available in the marketplace and provide them at a competitive price.You can sell these directly to the public or wholesale them to retailers.

Is a Business License the Same Thing As an Occupational License?

Aspiring business owners must obtain legal licenses and permits as part of starting and launching a business in all states in the United States. These legal licenses and permits are categorized into sections, including required licenses and industry-required licenses. Permits give permission to comp

Tips for Running a Successful Home Base Business

Plan Out Your Day Spend a few minutes the night before making a must do list. Put the tasks that you dislike at the head of the list along with the most important ones. That ...

Home Business Owners, Brand Yourself - Not Your Company

Brand Person Not Direct Sales CompanyIn the direct sales business, many sales consultants brand their company. Branding your business gets attention, recognition, and eventually more customers. You can brand your company by getting on the ...

Masterminding: Two Types of Female Entrepreneurs Reap the Rewards

Starting or joining a mastermind group can provide female entrepreneurs with support, resources and accountability. It's important for business owners to find a mastermind group that meets their specific needs and desires. Napoleon Hill, author ...

Define Single Use & Standing Plans for Business

Planning is a crucial element of starting and operating a business. Entrepreneurs create plans to address an array of issues. Plans help business owners to think through complex processes and address each of a series of requirements to accomplish certain goals. Managers draft both standing plans and

Starting a Holding Company

Holding companies require substantial financial resources for success and are formed to serve as a parent to one or many companies. Before starting, a clear business plan should be developed. For example, a holding company may specialize in one industry or can serve as a parent company t

How to Start a Frozen Food Company

From snack foods, to frozen meals to desserts, frozen foods have become a part of our daily eating habits. And since they are so much a part of our daily diet there is money to be made in stocking the family freezer. Starting a frozen food company does present an extra set of challenges because that

Former Arm-Chair Quarterback Making Plays in New Game

After years in the furniture industry, I left my dead-end career and got "drafted" into the ever-growing and lucrative on-line business industry. Here's how I quit being a spectator and became a star player. Start ...