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About the "Phantom of the Opera" Film

"The Phantom of the Opera" is a popular movie adaptation of a stage musical. Boasting major stars of stage and screen, "The Phantom of the Opera" film was well received by critics and audiences and stands as an example of a successful musical production. The film has been distrib

Art Center Grants

Many art centers provide grants to local organization to further the arts in the communities they image by peter Hires Images from Fotolia.comArt centers are located throughout the country, and they specialize in providing opportunities to artists, informing the community about...

West End Stage Shows - The Very Best Entertainment in London

Lots of theatre shows and particularly hit musicals are performed in the very big venues of London's "Theatre Land". Millions of people attend a Westend stage show each year. There truly are so many theatre shows on stage in London. The list of West End Theatre productions is endless.

Buying Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay parties are great places for anime fans to have fun. Over the last few years, more and more people have become interested in this kind of party. Therefore cosplay costumes in the market are in high demand.

Actors, Don't Be Camera Shy

Actors, are you use to preforming on stage, but not in front of the camera? There is a difference. Learn about it; along with extra acting tips to help you with your acting career.

Different Puppet Show Ideas

A puppet is an inanimate figure seemingly transformed into a living being by a puppeteer. Although puppet shows are often regarded as strictly children's entertainment, since at least the fifth century B.C., puppets have appeared in a wide range of productions, from religious rituals and satiric

So You Want to Put on a Show - The Backstage Crew

The sage continues. Here the importance of getting a good Stage Manager and Crew is emphasized. Contrary to what many actors thinks, the show is only as good as the technical support it gets.

How To Choose The Perfect Belly Dance Attire

Live belly dancing performance demands the right costume. Finding the right one will allow you to move properly and highlight the sensual moves of the dance. Over embellishment is not necessary, however, freedom of movement is.

How to Light With 4 or 5 Spotlights

A lighting designer's primary directive is to enable the audience to see the performance. If you only have four or five spotlights--more properly referred to as ellipsoidal reflector spots--then you need to use most of them to light the performers' faces so the audience members can see the gestures

How to Become a Better Actor

If you do not know the answer below just use your best judgment but make a choice. There really is not a right or wrong but just your interpretation. By using this list below it should help you to perform and understand the acting scene much better.

What Kind of Scenery & Props Were Used by Shakespeare?

Theatrical performances in the time of William Shakespeare were in the Elizabethan style, named after the monarch who reigned for much of Shakespeare's era. The Elizabethans didn't use as much in the way of scenery and props as later theatrical companies, but they were not as minimalistic as sometim

Thicke of the Night

Find out more about 'Thicke of the Night,' the short-lived talk show hosted by Alan Thicke, Robin Thicke's dad.

Belly Dance Show Review: The Indigo in Serpent Rouge

Rachel Brice and her dance company delivered a night of world class unique belly dancing recently. Her dance company The Indigo also includes fellow Belly dance Superstars Zoe Jakes and Mardi Love, and they were accompanied that night by the zany music and cabaret acts of The Crow Quill Night Owls.

Magic Tricks - Magic? Or Just Tricks?

Why are magic tricks so popular and enchanting? Is it because its so mysterious and out of this world? Is magic real? Find out now.

Where to Learn Singing and Flourish As a Beginner

We all want to sing at different times. Often our moods dictate whether or not we want to sing and what type of songs. However, not everyone knows how to sing properly. Here, we shall discuss some different options in where to learn singing.