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How to Cut Marble Blocks

From ancient times up until the 18th century, marble was cut primarily with a hand-operated iron saw, aided by wet sand. Today, large blocks of marble are prepared in shops with expensive rail and gantry saws. If you have a small block of marble at home that needs cutting, however, you can use a mar

How to Audition for The X Factor

So it's soon enough going to be that time of the year and you think you have what it takes to not only pass an audition for the x factor but maybe even win it? Or perhaps you just want a bit of fame and a laugh with some friends to see how far you can go? Well you obviously need to know how to

How To Produce Hot Rap Beats

When you look on Timbaland, Kanye West or Dr.Dre, you probably think: „how can they produce such fresh beats all the time?“. And it's true, every beat they make has the potential to become a hit. Well, it's really not that hard to make it happen. Everyone can do this with a cer

How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business

The latest social media craze, called Pinterest, is a website that allows users to create digital pin boards of items they want to remember or share with others. For example, if a member sees a ...

Electronic Music Production Information

Electronic music, also known as electronica, is a widely popular music, especially in Europe. Electronica is played most heavily in dance clubs and has a wide demographic. Producing this type of music can be challenging and fun, but it requires specific knowledge to make it marketable.

How to Mix on CD Decks

Mixing on CD decks provides great convenience for DJs who don't have their entire collections in vinyl form. In many cases, the music you would like to play is not available on vinyl. You can connect CD decks to a mixer to blend, transition and adjust pitch as you would with vinyl on turntables.

Learning to Play Piano For Enjoyment

Do you love music or wish you could play an instrument? Well you're not alone there are a lot of aspiring piano player in all of us, but do we even know where to begin or what its like to learn to play the piano.

The Importance of Reading a Piano by Pattern Review

If you have been an online shopper or maybe just an active Internet user throughout the years, you know for a fact that checking out product or software reviews and similar resources are pretty much important because these things can help you make a wise decision in terms of buying stuff over the In

The Recent Downfall and Degradation of the Title 'Musician

This particular article is on the recent misinformed representation of the title 'Musician.' I delve lightly into the true meaning of Musician, and touch on subjects that have been under-handing it's integrity of late. Once again, this is an opinion piece, and any offense is not inten

Guitar Lessons - How to Play Fast the Easy Way

Playing fast is one of every guitarist dreams. But, there is always something that holds them back. They can't do that because they think that it is not easy to do and they're having a hard time doing it. The fact is it is not, there are techniques that makes it easy to play fast.

5 Tips to Help You Learn to Play Guitar Fast

Learning to play guitar is a very long process, I can tell you that, but there are ways to make this journey easier and faster. There are many guitar players who don't want to take it slow and they try to learn everything too fast, usually what happens with them is that they get overwhelmed and

Music Shows By ITC Sangeet Research Academy In Kolkata

Bathroom singing is so much fun. No audience, no particular audience. Nothing at all. As you were writing these lines for your music project, it's a project where you need to write anything and everything ...

The Story of Justin Bieber

Born Justin Drew Bieber, of Ontario, Canada, Bieber has become the hottest new pop/ R&B singer. Bieber first got his big break in 2008 when one of his YouTube videos was discovered by his soon-to-be manager Scooter Braun. It is said that both Usher and Justin Timberlake heard Bieber's music and

How to Use Your New 4G MP3 Player

When it comes to the fourth generation of wireless telecommunications devices, there are a number of hot new MP3 players on the market these days. New 4G players are touted as being easier to use than their predecessors, while also being more powerful, with better audio and video capacities. The lat

Chris Cagle

Photos taken at Chris Cagle's concert in Oroville, CA on April 27, 2006.

Organ Playing: How to Play Each Voice Independently?

Because much of organ music consist of polyphonic works with several independent melodies, it is important for the organist to be able to hear and play each voice independently. If you focus on emphasizing different voices, your playing will become very clear and much more interesting to the listene

How to Make Dubstep Music - Downloading Software and Production Tips

With rising popularity, amateur and professional producers alike are seeking information on how to make Dubstep music to get in on this ever-expanding genre. If you do have experience with sequencing Dubstep music within a digital platform, you are already well versed on certain key elements that wi