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Viscometers used Hoeppler approach and performance-enhancing

Descending ball viscometers Model KF10 KF20 transparent Newtonian fluids of viscosity measurement. Both models have six balls, each with a separate viscosity measurement range and temperature probe. DIN 53015 compliance KF10 is set at an ...

Use a LED Church Sign to Promote Church Activities

LED's or Light Emitting Diodes are the used in many applications such as traffic control (stop lights, pedestrian signals, and hazard signs), message signs, automotive equipments and other instruments. Nowadays, one can see school using ...

How to Troubleshoot a Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology allows personal electronics, such as cellphones, audio and computer devices to wirelessly connect and communicate with each other. The low frequency signal Bluetooth relies on, is a key feature, as the signal doesn't interfere with surrounding radio devices, but is still able to

How to Put Pictures on a Sony Walkman

Sony Walkmans are multimedia MP3 players that allow you to upload and share photos in addition to music and videos. They can support a large number of photos, depending on your player's memory. They support a wide ranging of image formats, including JPEG, BMP and TIFF. Using the Sony Walkman media-m

Sell Used Cell Phone and Make Money

If you have recently upgraded your phone for a newer or more trendy model, you might want to make some of your money back using your old cell phone. Do you know you can make money when you choose to s

Pick of the Week: "Jules and Jim" DVD

Of all the films I’ve ever seen, François Truffaut’s French-language “Jules and Jim” (1962) is one of my favorites. It is superb, both in terms of artistic content and entertainment qualities. I’ve watched it at least half a dozen times, both on videotape and on the big

Information on Nuvi 260W

The Nuvi 260W is a touchscreen GPS navigation device for use in vehicles or while walking. The Nuvi is simple to use and offers a variety of features such as route sorting and route prediction based on your driving style. Maps may be viewed in 2-D or 3-D and the device comes with a large directory o

The Definition of Key Fobs

Old-fashioned metal keys help keep buildings and cars secure, but at some point, almost everyone has had to balance groceries on their arm while fumbling with a set of keys. Full key chains also feel bulky in your pocket or purse. Key fobs can solve these problems.

How to Play AVI Files on a PPC

Pocket PCs (PPC) running Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system come with Windows Media Player Mobile, which is a scaled-down version of Windows Media Player for desktop computers. However, Windows Media Player Mobile is only capable of playing WMV video files. In order to play AVI files on you

How to Connect Your Phone to a TV

Companies that provide telephone, cable TV and Internet services offer various usage plans and packages to suit the needs of their customers. Different types of features are also available, depending on your specific needs. One of the features many providers offer is the ability to connect your tele

Specifications for Canon XL1

The Canon XL1, originally released in 2001, has been a strong camcorder in the amateur and student film arenas for nearly a decade. This model is much more affordable than most other digital cameras and boasts interchangeable lenses and broadcast quality SD video production...

DIY Digital Radio Antenna

Digital radio broadcasting is sometimes called HD radio. This new system of radio broadcasting converts the analog signal to a digital signal. Digital FM radio is compared to the sound quality of a CD, while the digital AM signal is compared to the current analog FM signal. Unlike the conversion to

Printer Error Codes - What You Must Know

When a printer runs into problems it will output an error code. The problem with these error codes are that they are cryptic. This article gives you the answers you need to know for these error codes.

IPhone 4S Siri VS Android Smartphone Apps

As the Thanksgiving Day is around the corner, the new apps of android smartphone will certainly become the strong point to compete with Apple's iPhone 4S in the holiday season. Read on for th

Sony Ericsson K530i: 3G Sleek Mobile Phones

The new Sony Ericsson mobile phone coming with attractive and stunning features is a slim and light weight handset that is easy for the user to hold in hand.