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Tuna Deviled Eggs: A Spanish Tapas

Deviled eggs are a popular component of cookouts and picnics - not to mention being a great snack at any time of year. They can be made a day or two in advance, are perfect for eating with your fingers, and are almost universally loved.

How to Make Chinese Hot Sauce

For many westerners, the bold, forward flavors of Chinese cuisine are nothing short of mysterious. In America, Chinese food is seldom made at home, simply because it differs in many ways from more traditional American fare. One of the most well loved items in Chinese cuisine is Chinese hot sauce, wh

Salmon Chowder

Salmon Chowder is a delicious and easy soup recipe made using ingredients from your freezer like frozen hash brown potatoes and frozen corn.

Sinus Irrigation Procedures

Sinus irrigation is a safe, effective and low-cost way to clean congestion and infection when you have allergies or a sinus infection or a cold. It also is beneficial for rehydrating dry sinus cavities during cold weather or when you have a cold or flu. The directions for doing this procedure are si

About Detoxing Foot Pads

Many of us have seen the advertisements on TV. All you need is a credit card and in return you'll receive miracle foot pads capable of detoxifying your entire system. These detoxifying foot pads have become the latest health craze. But do they actually work? Or are they just another scam?

Dilled Cabbage With Ham

Dilled cabbage with smoked ham and fresh dill, along with pepper. An easy cabbage recipe with dill and ham.

How to Recondition Rusted Cast Iron Cookware

Cast-iron cookware benefits are being recognized by a whole new generation of cooks. Due to the longevity of cast iron, it is seen as a green cookware. This means it will not be filling up landfills. Also, cast iron can be used at high temperatures and not give off toxic fumes. Some people are luc

How to Crack Nuts

Nuts are a great source of vitamin E and protein, but watch out for the fat content. Cracking them can be tricky, so follow these hints to make it a little easier on yourself.

Tuna A La King Recipe

Serve this creamy tuna a la king over toast points or biscuits. Recipe ingredients include white tuna, celery, onion, egg, peas, lemon juice, thyme, and water chestnuts.

How to Color Granulated Sugar

Dying your granulated sugar isn't just a way to add color to the tops of your cookies, cakes and other baked treats. When having a party, brighten up the serving table with a colorful sugar bowl. If it's a Halloween party, fill the sugar bowl with orange sugar. For an Easter party, turn the sugar a

How to Correct Overseasoned Stuffing

A heavy hand with spices in a stuffing recipe should not thwart your cooking efforts. Save the stuffing by balancing out the excessive seasonings or using temperature to change how the eater perceives the flavor of the stuffing. For future reference, it is easier to add seasoning to a bland stuffing

Non-traditional Turkey For Holiday

Turkey is often injected with several flavors or oil to enhance its taste. At times, the marinade does not penetrate the skin of the bird and seep inside. However, injection sauces introduce the flavor right in the heart of the meat. This method is especially handy, if the flavoring has to be introd

How to Make Rose Petals Out of Frosting

Roses are one of the most romantic and beautiful flower decorations and can be used for many occasions such as weddings, birthdays or anniversaries. Rosettes will bring elegance and make a cake appear more professional. This is how to pipe rose petals for cake decorating using a pastry bag and tips.

All You Want To Know About Beer Kegs!

Beer Kegs are hassled, cylinder kegs intended especially to contain and dispense filtered and pasteurized keg beer. They are often made of aluminum and require an extra nozzle to pump out the contents, and are often used to transport large amount of beer because of their shape.