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Fertility Center In Delhi

For instance you've been seeking advice from your gynecologist, who's asking for a blood test for hormones or asked you to record your temperature of basal body for 2 months. On the contrary, your husband ...

Genetic Disorder- Thalassemia

Thalassemia is hereditary disease passed from one generation to the other.It is an autosomal recessive blood related disease. There are two major types of thalassemia. They are alpha and beta thalasse

Walking Sticks From 1700 to 1800

Walking sticks were still seen as an implement of fashion from 1700 to 1800. However, we see the rise of the use of the gadget cane. Walking sticks also were used as political statements. Also, cane etiquette became generally accepted.

Overcoming Immobility With The Help Of Walking Aids

It's an unfortunate fact that as we get older our everyday mobility, that we have taken for granted for so many years, begins to diminish and we find ourselves in need of rollators, walkers and ...

Brain Injuries and Total Denial

Denial is common with brain injury survivors. They want to maintain a positive image of themselves and therefore will often deny that they have even had a brain injury. They may instead insist that any problems they have will go away. Denial is the enemy of all survivors and to their relationships.

Understanding Wheelchair Lift Vans and Their Features

Your wheelchair lift van is more than just a vehicle—it's a window to your future mobility and independence. One of the most important pieces of technology available for the mobility of handi

Selling Your Electric Wheelchair

Wheelchairs have made the disabled bodied person to be able to live an independent life with the help of the chair. A big advance in wheelchairs are the electric wheelchairs these are wheelchairs powered by electric or hydraulic power and will not need the person to push themselves around or get oth

Sidewalk Or Roadway? 6 and 8 MPH Scooters

Mobility scooters are beneficial to individuals with limited mobility. They grant them the freedom to get around. Outdoors or indoors, scooters provide disabled people and the elderly the chance to get around. While some scooters ...

Experiencing a Stroke - Finding a Stroke Survivor Support Group

If you have recently experienced a stroke, finding a stroke survivor support group will be highly beneficial in your after care. Experiencing a stroke is a challenging task. Learning to live with the effects of a stroke is even more challenging.

What Is Hoosier Healthwise?

Hoosier Healthwise is a program of the state of Indiana to provide health insurance for pregnant women, low-income families and children within the state. The program is administered by the Family and Social Services Administration. The program is intended to provide preventative and primary health

Adding a Handicap Lift to Your Van

A handicap lift is a mechanical tool that is used to raise and lower a wheelchair into a vehicle. It is most often found on full sized vans and is the only way to safely and comfortably get wheelchair

Benefits of Mobility Wheelchairs For Disabled Individuals

Physically disabled individuals might find it difficult to perform ordinary activities that involve mobility. However, it must not completely deprive you of that ability, which is often the source of frustration for most disabled individuals. This has therefore led to the invention and manufacture o

Disability Tax Benefits for Bowel or Bladder Functions

Bladder or bowel function dysfunction can be really troublesome and embarrassing at the same time. So if you are one with this syndrome and you are looking for disability tax benefits, then you need t

Popping In The Ears: Could It Be Serious?

Ear barotrauma is the result of damage to the ear resulting from a difference in pressure between the outside and the inside of the eardrum, which normally causes a great deal of discomfort. The pressure within the middle ear is normally the same as the pressure outside of your body.

Mentaly Disabled Adult Activities

As people with mental disabilities age, so do their needs for meaningful activity. The activity that was once appropriate when younger may not be anymore. The activities that mentally disabled individuals did when they were young might not provide older adults the potential to improve their life. Th

Everybody Is Able

Gor! gor! gor! gor! gor! gor! gor! gor! gor! gor! gor! gor And the whole students in the class echoed: €George the machine gun." I stopped talking, raised my head and looked at my class ...

Shoulder Pain - A Walk Through

There are many common causes shoulder pain. It is important to make a correct diagnosis of the cause of the symptoms so that suitable treatment can be directed at the cause. A shoulder pain may ...