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The Dark Secret

I believe there is a flip side to The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. Her material is wonderful, but she misses an important point: there is a dark secret that prevents us from experiencing all the good we so righfully deserve.

Inositol As Treatment For Depression

What is inositol?How can we use inositol for depression?Herbs for depression and natural remedies for depression have long been sought.The treatment of depression, as well as anxiety disorder treatment, is possible with inositol.Read more about inositol, and, how it can be effectively used as a medi

Best Things to Say to Someone Who is Hopeless Or Depressed

If you have a friend or loved one who is experiencing hopelessness or depression, it can be difficult to know exactly what to say or do. While there isn't any one magic thing to say that will alleviate their pain, there are many ways to offer support.

Causes Of Depression

The causes of depression are many. Depression is a complex disease that can occur as a result of a multitude of factors. For some, depression occurs due to a loss of a loved one, a change in one's life, or after being diagnosed with a serious medical disease.

Let There Be Light - How to Beat Being SAD

Winter is long in the UK. And this year it's so long that spring has even been delayed thanks to the recurring frost, snow and ice. And the long dark months mean one thing - a high risk of suffering seasonal sadness.

Top Benefits Of Online Counselling

Another benefit of online counselling is that you don’t have to explain to anyone where you are going. If you have kids, you will not need to get a babysitter and have them ask questions.

Do You Know Someone With Depression?

If you know someone with a depressive disorder, they may well need your help! While they will probably never request help, they might need it.

Herbal Supplements: A Beneficial Alternative

Medical practitioners have utilized herbal supplements to some extent for as long as medicine has been around. However, their significant value has not been noticed until recently. However, they are getting their chance in the spotlight, and their popularity has since been on the rise.

Bipolar Disorder and Mental Illness

Bipolar Disorder is a serious form of mental illness characterized by rapid and abrupt mood swings. Unlike the usual ups and downs that a person goes through in day-to-day life, this brain disorder is far more severe. The treatment process for this disorder involves guidance of a therapist with medi

Depression-Topic Overview

Is this topic for you? This topic covers depression in adults. For information on: Depression in young people,see the topic Depression in Children and Teens. Depression after childbirth,see the topic Postpartum Depression. Depression followed by times of high energy,see the topic Bipolar Disorder. D

Making Use of Bach Flowers

No one really thought that flowers could be used to cure anything until they got to hear of Bach Flowers. The discovery of the Bach Flower remedies was a welcome relief to most people around the world, especially those with frequent emotional disturbances. Bach Flowers are a collection of 38 flowers

Anger Can Cause Depression - 3 Reasons Why

It is important to understand what depression is. This is a disorder that affects mind which is characterized by reduced self esteem, reduced appetite, low moods and lack of concentration. Most people tend to argue that clinical depression is caused by stress and trauma. Ill health, poor diet and po

Depression Hurts

Anyone that has to deal with depression knows that it can hurt. It is going to make a lot of problems for some people and the things that they do in life. When a person is dealing with depression, they have to be prepared to make changes in their life and get the help that is going to get them feeli

How To Recognize Clinical Depression

At some point, everyone experiences temporary bouts of sadness or unhappiness. This is perfectly normal and for most people these feelings are typically short lived with no lasting effects. In some cases, however, these feelings of sadness or unhappiness cultivate into a serious, psychiatric illness