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Heroin and Heroine

"Heroin" is a highly addictive narcotic. A "heroine" is a woman known for her special achievements or the principal female character in a novel or play.

Importance Of Telugu Language & Its Characteristics

Considered as a classical language, Telugu is the third most spoken language in the Indian sub-continent. Read this article to understand about the importance of Telugu - a language primarily spoken in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.


What does the French word mobiliser mean? How is it pronounced and used?

Some Historians, by Philip Guedalla

In the essay "Some Historians," Philip Guedalla's irreverent tone and witty, epigrammatic style stand in contrast to the formulaic writing that he parodies.

How to Use the Italian Verb Giocare

The Italian verb giocare: grammatical usage and examples. In Italian the verb giocare means "to play," in the sense of playing a game or a sport.

Mentawai Tattoos

Any combination of products used, and a person's exact composition diverges with the name and individual merchandise. Titi (called, for the tattoo) is a societal and Mentawai really shape and possess more meaning.

writing process

The series of overlapping steps that most writers follow in composing texts.

Prêter - to loan

Learn how to conjugate prêter, a regular -er French verb.

Finding Certified Translation Services Offers Huge Advantages

Having event, documents, and presentations documented in different languages helps to ensure broad access. Businesses rely on these jobs to increase their revenue, while individuals rely on them for a variety of life tasks. These include immigration proceedings and other legal matters where official

French Words and Expressions in English

The English language has borrowed a great number of French words and expressions. Some of this vocabulary has been so completely absorbed by English that speakers might not realize its origins, while other words and expressions have retained their Frenchness - a certain je ne sais quoi which speaker