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How to Remove Hotfix 908531

Over the years Microsoft has released a number of security patches to fix certain issues with its Windows systems. However, on occasion, the hot fix that is supposed to fix the problem can become a problem itself. Hot fix KB908531, released as an update for Windows XP, was one of those problem patch

What Plays RMVB Files?

The media files you may encounter and download on the Internet come in a wide variety of formats. Many are not readily identifiable and it can take some digging to find out exactly what program you need to open them. In the case of RMVB files, there are a number of different players from which to ch


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How To Get Rid Of Major Defense Kit - Complete Removal Tutorial

What is Major Defense Kit? Well this program is a fake anti-virus program that has been designed to secretly gain access to your computer without your consent. The problem with fake anti-virus programs is that they are difficult to work out whether they are real or fake because they actually look li


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How Can I Make Hearts & Music Notes in My Text on Facebook?

Decorate your Facebook status updates with hearts and music notes. Such decorative touches also enhance chats, notes and the posts you place on a friend's wall. Use one or more tiny black hearts as you share about something you love, or sing a virtual song and surround it by music notes. Instead of

How to Print Envelopes on an HP LaserJet P2015

Addressing envelopes by hand can be a time-consuming task. However, using the HP LaserJet P2015 printer can make the job much easier. There is a definite procedure to make the printing go smoothly, and there are a few tips and guidelines to avoid paper jams and prevent any damage to your printer.

Banners: Appropriate Tool For Promoting Products

The era of Internet has brought tremendous changes worldwide. It has given a boost to globalization which has also influenced the world of business. Internet has increased fierce competition among the entrepreneurs. The marketers aim ...

How to Change the Orientation of the Text in Publisher 2007

Microsoft Publisher 2007 is an application that allows users to create professional publications and marketing materials, including pamphlets, business cards and company logo designs. Text and shapes can be added and formatted for any design that a user creates. You can also change the orientation o


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How to Update the Source Configuration in Kaspersky

Source configuration allows you to update virus definitions on your Kaspersky Internet security software. It makes the program more effective when it comes to virus, spyware and other malware removal processes. Note that you may need administrative privileges for your computer to perform an update o