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How to Do "Esc" With a Mouse

The "Esc" key on computers originally ran escape sequences, or control sequences, that affect the relationship between a computer and its peripherals. Operating systems have evolved considerably since manufacturers first made the button, and you may well run your system without ever pressing it. It

How to Customize Neopets

Neopets live in the virtual world Neopia. Neopia has its own economy including NeoCash and Neopoints. Users can have up to four Neopets on their account. The initial customization of each Neopet requires you select color, name, habitat and other characteristics. Customizing your Neopet lets you appl

How to Recover an HP I386

If your HP computer did not come with a physical recovery disk, chances are the necessary system files are located in the i386 folder. The i386 folder contains a digital copy of the Windows Setup CD/DVD, allowing you to reinstall the operating system should a recovery be necessary. Once launched, th

How to Fix Bootmgr Is Missing in Windows XP

If, one day, you tried booting up your computer and instead of being directed to your Windows XP desktop, a "Bootmgr is Missing" message appeared, don't worry. This is an error that's caused by a failing hard drive or possibly a malware infection. To run your operating system normally again, you're

How to Use Slingbox With the Media Center

The Slingbox is a device that allows you to take content that is stored on your computer's hard drive and watch it on your television set. The Slingbox connects to your TV and communicates with your computer over your wireless network. Typically, you use the Slingbox software that comes with the dev

Interbank FX 4.0 Installation Instructions

Interbank FX is an online trading program that allows you to compare and analyze currency from any country around the world. This is extremely beneficial if you are looking to trade currency. Interbank FX 4.0 is one of the latest product releases from the website and is a system of tools you may dow

How to Install Windows 7 32-Bit on a Dell 1525 With XP 32-Bit

The Dell Inspiron 1525 is a notebook computer originally released in January 2008 during the period when Microsoft was marketing Windows Vista, its latest operating system at the time. If you picked up one of thoer and upgrade to the 32-bit version of Windows 7. There are certain data backuse laptop

Flow Chart Protocol for Troubleshooting Windows XP

Troubleshooting Windows XP may seem like a daunting task at times, but with a simple flow chart, the job of getting to the problem and fixing it becomes really very easy. Any trouble causing the computer to need repair will soon become obvious and all steps will be useful ones going forward. A good

How to Copy a System Event Log in Windows XP Professional

The System Event Logs on your Windows XP computer contains troubleshooting and other diagnostic data about the information occurring on your system before and after major computing events such as a total system crash. Copy the information within the log to store a backup of the data. This process ta

How to Write With Note Pad

Notepad is a basic editing program great for jotting down simple notes. If you need more choices like bullet lists, paragraph formatting or the ability to change the color of the fonts, use WordPad. If you need tools like a grammar checker, spell checker or drawing tools, use Microsoft Word. Program

How to Create Appointments Automatically From a .Csv File

Calendar appointments are usually exported and imported as either CSV (Comma Separated Values) or ICS (Internet Calendar Standard) files. Microsoft Outlook and Yahoo! Calendar both export the CSV format, while Apple's iCalendar program exports ICS files. If you have an existing CSV calendar file, yo

How to Play Sims 2 in a Small Window Screen

The default running mode for Sims 2 is full screen. When you run Sims 2 in the full-screen mode, it takes over your entire screen and any other programs you are running simultaneously disappear and become inaccessible. A solution for this situation that will enable you to access other programs while

How to Increase Boot Up Speed in Vista

Windows Vista has been scorned by almost everyone for being an inbetween the raw speeds and simplicity of Windows XP and the ease of use of Windows 7. Windows Vista has also been known to run slowly, but there are a few things people can do improve their speeds boot speeds.

How to Repair a XP Operating System That Is Not Found

Microsoft Windows XP users may be shocked one day to find an error message as they boot up their computer that states "Operating system not found." The computer stops at the error, and either hangs while not responding to further input from the keyboard, or the computer repeatedly reboots itself. In

How to Install the EyeToy for Windows Vista

The EyeToy and its successor, the PlayStation Eye, are color digital camera devices for the Sony PlayStation entertainment console. You can use the EyeToy as a Web camera by connecting it to a computer with Windows Vista.

How to Uninstall a CloneDVD Trial

Although DVD players have built-in error correction, any disc can become unplayable if it has enough scratches. For this reason, it's a good idea to back up your movie collection. CloneDVD is a program that can copy a DVD to your computer so that you will not lose it if the disc is ruined. There are

How to 3D Render a Floor Plan

If you are planning a new house you will probably be hiring a professional architect and contractor to build it for you. But one of the problems you face when trying to design a house is relating your ideas for your home in terms the architect will understand clearly. While hand-drawn sketches of th

How Can I Delete Older Updates of the J2se Runtime Environment?

In order to run some content on your Internet browser you need the most up-to-date version of Java Runtime Environment (also known as Java 2 Platform SE). When you update your version from the Internet, the old Java remains on your computer, taking up valuable hard drive space. You can safely remove

How to Upgrade Microsoft XP

Microsoft Windows XP is a popular operating system that preceded Windows Vista. XP provided upgraded networking and device support, and was a generally well-received operating system. However, if you want to upgrade your version of XP to a more current operating system, such as Windows Vista or Win

How to Disable the Automatic Windows Update in Vista

Windows Update allows Windows Vista to contact Microsoft to check for updates and automatically install them. Although many people like this feature to ensure installation of the latest security updates, others prefer more control over their computer. If you are one such person, you probably do not