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Clean Your Hard Drive And Relax

An overloaded or poorly maintained hard drive can mimic signs of PC failure. Optimizing your drive is like organizing and cleaning out a closet. It makes it much easier for you (or in this case your PC) to find things efficiently.

How Does a Network Server Work?

Features Over the years, computer usage has become increasingly interactive and so has the technology used to coordinate them. Network servers are computers--or software applications--that coordinate the tasks for a group of computers. This group is made up of client computers that are...

Solving HP 9000 Phantom Paper Jams

The first place to start is the input tray that is being used to print from. Remove all paper and check for any damaged pages. Bent corners folded under causing the stack to be uneven will most likely cause a skewing or false jam as it cannot pick the paper out of the tray. Next check the paper pick

The Advantages of Online Storage

Online storage has several advantages.disquettes pc image by Melisback from Fotolia.comBackups are essential for data recovery. When a hard drive crashes, backups are used to restore documents and installed software. Online storage is an option for users that do not have the capability to...

New Sleek Lenovo G500

For those that are looking for a sturdy laptop at a low price, the Lenovo G550 does an excellent job. With its well designed and comfortable keyboard, the G550 provides a very well designed layout ...

How to Connect a DJ System to a Computer

With the advent of computer technology, more disc jockeys are using digital equipment instead of turntables and records. With a DJ system, all music can be stored on a computer's hard drive and played with the touch of a button. A DJ sound system, however, need to be connected to a computer for it

Shopping For An Rbc7 Battery

Shopping for a replacement or backup RBC7 battery can be either an easy task, over and done with before you know it, or it can become something of a hassle. There are a few steps to take before you just point, click and have a replacement battery shipped to you.

How to Do a Disk Cleanup on the Recovery Partition in XP Wth Norton Backup

Performing a disk cleanup on your Norton Backup Recovery Partition enables you to remove all unnecessary files from the system partition, ensuring that you have maximal space available to store your Norton Backup files. Accomplish this using the tools in your operating system. Generally, the process

How to Make Caller ID Be a Message

You can convert caller ID to a message using software for your computer. The software best suited for this purpose is called Audio Called ID. With this program you can get an email every time you receive a call. You can also set the program to play an announcement for any names and numbers that have

How to Access External Hard Disk Files

External hard disk drives are a convenient, albeit somewhat expensive, way to store important files or back up files from the computer. These drives not only have the ability to back up the entire system, but the operating system as well. One of the huge advantages of external hard disk drives is sa

How to Access a PC on a LAN

When a grouping of computers are all connected to each other over the same short-range network, this is called a local area network. The "local area" part of the name indicates that the computers are all within relative proximity to each other. If you want to access the files contained on a LAN-conn

How to Troubleshoot HP ZV6000 LCD Problems

Many problems with the Hewlett Packard ZV6000 notebook PC's LCD display are related to battery power and can include the display failing to resume from standby. Contact HP if the screen flickers or if vertical lines, a solid green line or incorrect colors appear on the display. The display may be b

Cowon O2 First Look

The Cowon O2 portable media player from Cowon, a portable media player manufacturer, has flash-memory and a widescreen display. The Cowon O2 supports a wide array of audio and video file formats and has what looks to be great battery life. For more details on this Cowon player, check out this first

How to Drag Album Art Into Tunes

Although songs you purchase from the iTunes store include album artwork, songs you add yourself may not. However, you can add your own artwork to songs in your iTunes library. Adding album artwork to songs or albums in iTunes is simple to do just by dragging the new artwork into iTunes.

AM2 Phenom 9500 Specifications

Socket AM2 motherboards can be fitted with the AMD Phenom 9500 processor, a quad core, 64-bit processor with a power rating of 95 watts. The processor features proprietary technology intended to make the chip run faster, cooler and combat viruses.

How to Use DBAN on a USB

Darik's Boot And Nuke (DBAN) is a software utility used to wipe hard drives clean. If you would like to use your DBAN program through a USB flash drive, you can do it using a few different pieces of software. Once the DBAN software is loaded onto the flash drive, you will be able to wipe hard drives

How to Install a Webcam on My Windows 7 PC

Have you got a new webcam and want to install it on your Windows 7 computer? Installation is the most sensitive part during a software or hardware's setup process. Even a minor mistake during installation can cause your hardware or software not to function at all or create troubles during use.

How to Reset a NetGear Wireless Password

When a Netgear router is reset, it will revert back to its default settings and wipe all previously stored information. Netgear wireless routers have a built-in default user name and password. Before performing a factory reset on your router, type in "admin" as your user name and "password" to see i